Month July 2017

Game of Thrones – Stormborn Review (S7 E02)

So Game of Thrones continued with a great episode. Stormborn was definitely not a set-up episode. It’s nice to see story-lines actually advance in the same episode! All the while, seeing characters return or cross paths for the first time. We… Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones – Dragonstone Review (S7 E01)

Well, that was certainly a Game of Thrones premiere. (spoilers going forward). I’m not going to recap these episodes, you already watched it on HBO. “When people you ask what happened here, tell them the north remembers. Tell them, winter… Continue Reading →

Stave & Steel – Bourbon Barrel Aged – Cabernet Sauvignon Review

I’m not that huge on wine. I’ll drink it here and there (mostly due to my girlfriend’s excitement to try a new bottle), but as I sip, I generally I wish I was drinking some neat Scotch, an Old Fashioned… Continue Reading →

Ranking The Defenders | The Netflix Marvel Shows

With Netflix’s The Defenders set to release on August 18th, now is a good time to catch up on any of the episodes you missed. I recently finished up Iron Fist, so let’s rank the four separate series from my… Continue Reading →

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