Month May 2018

Classic Cars and The Internet – Part 1 – Craigslist & Liars

Classic cars, muscle cars, hot rod, street rod, sports car are all names that might come to mind when you hear that loud car from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s coming up the block. I’ve always loved classic cars since… Continue Reading →

Gaming Keyboard Decisions

Which gaming keyboard did I choose? Find out below! I’ve been testing gaming keyboards and mice for the past couple of weeks. Today, we’ll talk about the gaming keyboards. I’ve had the same keyboard for the past few years, the… Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 For $12 On PC – Should You Get It?

Destiny 2 is only $12 right now on PC. Bungie knows what they are doing. Right now Destiny 2 is May’s Monthly Humble Subscription game, the same time they are dropping their latest expansion, Warmind. Humble you ask? It’s a… Continue Reading →

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