Welcome to Current Kick!

My name is Billy and this is my blog.

Current Kick. What is it? What does that mean? Let me tell you.

Current Kick is me; My interests. My hobbies. Everything that I’m currently into. I thought of it this way; people say that they’re on a health food kick or maybe you’re going to kick it with your friends this weekend and play some video games. That was my idea. I just want to share with you what makes me happy. If you’re here, I think I was right in suspecting that there are other like me with this broad list of interests.

So what do I like, you ask? (in no particular order)

Board Games
Video Games
Tech (Cameras, Audio Equipment, Microphones, PC Equipment)
Lifting Weights
Hoarding Collecting (Figures, Old Video Games, Movies)
Muscle Cars
TV Series/Movies
And much, much more!

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