Bastard!! Anime Is Back

Don’t know what Bastard!! is? Well, you’re in for a treat…I think.

Bastard!! is a manga from Kazushi Hagiwara that ran for 27 volumes starting in 1988 in Weekly Shonen Jump and later Ultra Jump until it went on indefinite hiatus in 2010. Bastard!! is Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy; Take Dungeons and Dragons, pepper in 80s and 90s Metal references, and…a bunch of Ecchi (later bordering on Hentai) and you have this Shonen series.

Learn about Bastard!! in my video below:

Bastard!! Video

1992 brought a 6-episode OVA of Bastard!! which toned down the sexuality a bit. The new, summer 2022 anime from Netflix will take the storyline from the OVA and expand on it, as there will be 24 episodes this time around; the first part drops 13 episodes on June 30, 2022.

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Dark Schneider from the Bastard!! OVA

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Have you read the Bastard!! manga? I’m only about 7 volumes deep, but it seems to go off into insanity. What about the Bastard!! anime? Have you seen the 1992 Bastard!! OVA? Will you be watching the Bastard!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Netflix series?

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