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I love board games and have bought quite a bit of them over the years. I’ve learned that I have the most fun with simple, easy to learn games to play 2 player with my girlfriend or party games for a group of people.

I’ve tried to learn a lot of these “RPG in a box” type games but they are honestly, so difficult to learn with 50+ page rule books, hundreds of tokens. There are still a handful that I would like to play (and will) and I’ll be blogging or creating videos about them in the future.


I love miniatures. Collecting minis is a hobby in itself. Fantasy or Sci-Fi, it doesn’t matter. I love them all.

Old metal pewter minis have a certain charm. Throughout my mini journey, I found that there are quite a few sculptors who create minis in the 80’s and 90’s style. I have posts and videos about these and there is a lot more to come. What’s great is, there are plenty of smaller companies still sculpting miniatures in this old-school style.

I have a whole list and video series on Sci-Fi Miniatures For Stargrave.


Warhammer is what got me into the miniature painting hobby a few years back. I have plenty of games, boxes and miniatures from Games Workshop. More GW & Warhammer content on its way.