What’s nice about Stargrave (the Sci-fi sister game to Joseph A. McCullough’s & Osprey’s Frostgrave) is that it is miniature agnostic; meaning the game allows you to use any miniatures you want! Have a pile of old Citadel Rogue Trader Pirates? Perfect! Want to use your Star Wars Imperial Assault minis since you they’re already painted? Go for it!

Episode 1 of the of a closer look at the minis on this list! (Playlist of all videos)

Now for me, my enjoyment of the hobby leans towards painting up cool-looking miniatures. When I see games that lets me use my own miniatures, I love being able to go through my collection or order a bunch of minis from different companies so I can make a cool looking, rag-tag squad.

North Star Military Figures will be releasing their own line of miniatures for Stargrave, they are not available yet. So why wait?

I scoured Google & YouTube for cool sci-fi minis for Stargrave. I’ll keep this list updated as I find more, so make sure you bookmark it!

Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies has a lot of different ranges. If you’re looking to go small, they have an entire range of 15mm. I’m sticking to 28mm for my list. They are running a 20% off promo until May 1st. I ordered from them.

Alternate Stars

A Cool mix of aliens and space pirates.

stargrave painted miniatures star wars space pirates minis
Wars in the Stars?

Ganesha Games Scifi

Really cool sculpts. We have Psi Paladins (Star Wars), Space Simian (Space Apes) & really awesome Aliens. I wish I ordered more, looking through the range again!

stargrave star wars jedi light saber minis miniatures
Light sticks
stargrave planet of the apes space mini miniatures
Ape Escape

Ion Age

Reminiscent of old GW sculps and include some cool minis that could work for a spaceship crew, definitely dig around the range.

stargrave chaos space men mini miniatures
Gas Masks are always cool.

Space Marine and Adventurers

Spacesuits & Space Pirates. I bought a few of these.

spacemen spacesuit mini miniatures metal scifi sci fi science fiction
Old School Vibes


Zombicide: Invader

Zombicide in space! Crew members, Space Marines, and of course, zombie aliens. The Kickstarter Exclusive Gang Packs look like a great deal for a crew of 5-6 (look on eBay, about $30).

scifi science fiction zombicide space marine crew alien miniatures minis star zombies
Lots of minis in a box of Zombicide: Invader.
science fiction kid kids children mini miniatures cmon star scifi
If you want a gang of space kids, this is the set to look for.

Copplestone Castings

Future Wars | USA Store (Badger Games)

Scavengers and squads that are reminiscent of Retromunda.

necromunda retromunda stargrave gangers

Rogue Stars Sci-Fi | USA Store (Badger Games)

The Rogue Stars line is what got me excited to build crews. These sculps look awesome!

stargrave painted minis northstar north star
Sci-fi Skirmish

Core Space (Battle Systems)

Core Space has minis for everything from robots, ship crew, rogues and space police. Although the majority of the minis are plastic (board game quality) with mould lines that are a PAIN to remove. Some sets are resin and are of higher quality.

core space crew alien rogue pirate mini miniatures painted stargrave
I hate mould-lines.

Corvus Belli


A huge range of miniatures. Each Faction has their own unique style; Humans, Cyborgs, Huge Mechs, Werewolves, Sci-Fi & Cyberpunk. There really is a huge selection. Infinity takes inspiration from Television, Movies & Anime.

section 9 scifi minis miniatures stargrave
The JSA Sectorial Army Pack include “Section 9” miniatures; Clearly inspired by Ghost in the Shell!

CP Models

Many different lines of 28mm ranging from Aliens to Star Trek look-a-likes & future soldiers. I’m partial to the Scum & Smugglers line (there is a space-hammerhead shark). They also have Grey Aliens, space dwarves (Runts), goblins (Grem), and more!

alien mini with gun stargrave
Nice looking alien.
star trek mini miniatures painted
Not quite my style, but maybe yours?

Diehard Miniatures

Amazing, amazing miniatures with Old Hammer/Rogue Trader vibes. I want the entire line. Everything from Aliens, Chaos crews, and even Skeletal Spacemen!

splace pirate stargrave painted mini miniatures gw rogue trader
Need. All. The. Minis.
skeletons undead space pirate marine mini miniatures painted stargrave
Space. Skeletons. Need I say more?

eM4 Miniatures


More Old Hammer inspired goodness. I only wish they had more of their minis painted or…with pictures.

gw citadel rogue trader space goat gun mini miniatures painted
Space Goats. ‘Nuff said.

Hydra Miniatures

Retro Raygun

50’s retro, Pulp-styled miniatures. They are 30mm scale, but many are robots or aliens, so they may mix just fine with other crew members. Robots, Aliens, Humans. Some of the most unique minis I’ve seen!

50s robot pulp retro raygun 1950s mini miniatures model painted star
Robot Legion. Great looking retro robots.
alien trooper retro 50s mini miniatures models painted
Zenithian Alien Troopers.

Knightmare Games

Orcs & Chaos in the style of GW.

orc ork miniatures rogue trader citadel games workshop goblin greenskin freebooterz mini miniatures painted
Orc Commandos.

Mantic Games

Deadzone & Star Saga

Many different sets from Space Dwarves to Rat-men to Rebels. Big faction boxes of plastic or smaller sets of plastic or metal.

stargrave rebel miniatures painted scifi
Nice variety!

Spiral Arm Studios

Maelstrom’s Edge

Box sets, single units and plastic sprue sets. I ordered these Broken Infantry sprues and I can’t wait to build them.

splace pirate stargrave painted mini miniatures gw rogue trader
Can’t wait to get my hands on these spures.

Wargames Atlantic

Death Fields

A few lines of plastic sprue soldiers. I’m partial to these Einherjar “space dwarves”.

space dwarves dwarf scifi mini miniatures painted star
Add “Space” in front of any sci-fi or fantasy race and tell me it doesn’t make them cooler. Space Dwarves. See?


A single, but cool looking set of sprue miniature “Eisenkern Stormtroopers”.

Stormtroopers. Eisenkern Stormtroopers.

These miniature lines would be great for Stargrave, Star Breach, Reality’s Edge, Kill Team, or any Sci-Fi tabletop game or RPG. Many of these are currently on their way to me. I will be doing some unboxing and painting videos over on the Current Kick YouTube Channel, so make sure to subscribe!

Any other miniature lines that I should add to this Stargrave list?

Leave a comment with suggestions. I’ll keep this post updated.

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