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Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 98 Review & Theories

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 98 Review & Theories The Chainsaw Man manga is back! Chainsaw Man Part 2 is back with Chapter 98, and what a return it was! No Denji!? What the cluck? We get to meet Bucky,… Continue Reading →

Bastard!! OVA & Manga | Netflix Really Brought This Back!

Bastard!! Anime Is Back Don’t know what Bastard!! is? Well, you’re in for a treat…I think. Bastard!! is a manga from Kazushi Hagiwara that ran for 27 volumes starting in 1988 in Weekly Shonen Jump and later Ultra Jump until… Continue Reading →

New Berserk Manga Reader | Black Swordsman & Golden Age Arcs

Berserk Is A Special Manga I finally started reading the Berserk manga by Kentaro Miura (RIP). I’ve been consuming every article or video related to Elden Ring since the game’s release, including all the Berserk references and easter eggs. I… Continue Reading →

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