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Resident Evil 2 Remake – Part 1 – Love & Hate

I bought the Resident Evil 2 remake despite the fact that I really DO NOT enjoy horror in any form of media. There have been a few exceptions over the years, but not many. For games; I’ve played a few…. Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones – Beyond the Wall (S7 E06) Review

Well, Game of Thrones; things definitely went down in¬†Beyond the Wall. Who doesn’t love the crew beyond the wall? For basically being on a suicide mission, they’re pretty chipper and amusing. What I didn’t like were the wildling “red shirts.”… Continue Reading →

Stave & Steel – Bourbon Barrel Aged – Cabernet Sauvignon Review

I’m not that huge on wine. I’ll drink it here and there (mostly due to my girlfriend’s excitement to try a new bottle), but as I sip, I generally I wish I was drinking some neat Scotch, an Old Fashioned… Continue Reading →

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