Destiny 2 is only $12 right now on PC.

Bungie knows what they are doing. Right now Destiny 2 is May’s Monthly Humble Subscription game, the same time they are dropping their latest expansion, Warmind.

Humble you ask? It’s a subscription platform at that gives you free games (or in this case, game) each month for only $12 a month. You keep the games whether you continue your subscription or not. While you have an active subscription, you gain access to some DRM free games.You can go month to month (which I did) or save when buying a year at once. Not a bad deal.

Having a way people can grab the base game of Destiny 2 for $12 is a genius marketing decision. If you like the game, you can easily grab the Season Pass for $35. All in for $47, isn’t going to hurt the wallet.

Now being someone who already has over 100 hours into Destiny 2, this deal intrigued me.

Destiny 2 Humble Monthly

Destiny 2 on PC looks amazing.

Earlier this month, I had told a friend that I probably would never go back to Destiny 2 at this point. Too many games, too much of a grind. I enjoyed my time there (100 hours is no small amount of time spent on a game) but, I was probably done.

Some people buy a game like Destiny 2 and expect it to be their game for the foreseeable future, but that’s just not me. I like playing a lot of games (buy a lot of games is what I should say). For the most part, I enjoy mostly single player games. Scratch that, I mostly enjoy playing games by myself. I have fun playing multiplayer games; just no party chat. No microphone. Please leave me alone.

A little background on me; I’m a guy who has both, built a brand new PC and purchased a new gaming laptop in the past 12 months. Destiny 2 on PC for $12 had me mulling it over for a few days. I haven’t actually played that many games on my PC lately. I had a few days with Far Cry 5 before God of War on PS4 came out. I’m also a recent Nintendo Switch owner since my Birthday back in March (Breath of the Wild <3). All of those will keep me busy for a while.

So yeah, I wound up buying Destiny 2 on PC through the Humble Bundle is what I’m trying to say.

I have a 1440p/2k G Sync monitor and a GTX 1080. Destiny 2 is the best looking game I have ever seen. With my setup, I can play in 1440p with fps between 50-100. Most of the time it’s around 63 fps, and I haven’t noticed any drops into the 40’s or 30’s. It looks amazing and plays so nicely with a mouse, that I actually feel like I made a huge mistake playing the game on PC.

True, Destiny 2 did come out over a month later back on PC, but honestly, I wish I had waited. I thought about buying it for both PS4 and PC at the time, but that would have been a little too much to juggle. I was in a pretty active clan of friends with the original Destiny, so I figured I would have plenty of nights playing along with them in D2. It didn’t really happen, and I don’t mind. I mostly soloed the game, which, like I mentioned before, is my preferred way to play. But looking back on it all, yeah, I wish I went PC Master Race from the start.

I’ve put a few hours into the game so far and I really want to play more. Should I? I have the season pass on PS4 already, along with 2 high level characters. I would want to play the new content and anything else I missed, but that would mean another $35 investment as well as the time investment.

I’ll at least play some more and get my $12 out of it. I’ll keep you posted.

Should you grab Destiny 2?

Have you played Destiny 2 before? – Then only if your PC will handle 2k or possibly 4k. The difference from playing it on the PS4 is pretty mind blowing. But I don’t think it’s worth it if you are only going to play at 1080p.

Never played Destiny 2? – If your PC can handle this game on Medium or up; $12 for the base game is pretty great. While no where near a perfect successor to Destiny, Destiny 2 is very fun and you will 100% get your $12 out of it.

Check out the Humble Monthly deal – Here

*The Humble link uses a referral for me if you sign up.