In the great console war, I have always remained neutral. I have no loyalty and I’m fine with that because it’s all about the games. Eventually, I grab the “other” console so I can play exclusives. Last generation, I went full Playstation following a love affair with the Xbox 360. Everyone had an Xbox 360 and when the next consoles were announced, my main group of friends went Playstation 4. I worked out because I prefer single-player experiences and the Playstation 4 has some of the best available. So what happened last week surprised even me; I bought an Xbox Series S.

I had been holding out for a Sony PlayStation 5; I know people who managed to grab them, but I have had no such luck. By the way, why is it that my phone sends me the Twitter PS5 stock updates 2 hours after the tweet was made? It’s infuriating, but I digress. One of these tweets scanned across my eyes at the perfect time — Microsoft Xbox Series S in stock at GameStop. Interesting.

ps5 jingle all the way turboman out of stock
We have plenty of Booster, though.

Now, my purchase decision needs some backstory. For my birthday, I received a $100 gift card to the Microsoft Store. I had become a PlayStation 4 guy this generation; my Xbox One has basically been untouched its entire life, but this gift card could be used to test out this Game Pass thing I had been hearing so much about. I’d call it a happy accident. And what’s that? Outriders, a game I wanted to play was coming to Game Pass on day 1 and the first month is only $1? Okay, Microsoft, I see what you’re doing.

Having about half a year of Game Pass already paid for and looking over the list of games, both available and upcoming (MLB The Show 21) made ordering an Xbox Series S an easy decision.

If I had the choice would I have paid more for a Series X? Maybe? With my current hardware situation, the Series S made the most sense. My TVs are only 1080p and I don’t really feel like upgrading right now. My PC setup includes 3 monitors, 2 of which are 1440p, which just so happens to be the maximum resolution of the Series S. I’ve wanted to start capturing gameplay more for my YouTube channel, so a console that can live in my office with my PC, makes me very happy. Hauling consoles and cables from a living room to an office is annoying to the point where I just do not do it.

xbox series s game pass machine
Not bad. Could use a faceplate.

I’ve been enjoying my first days with my X Box Series S playing Outriders (loading is so much faster than the Xbox One!). Will I buy a PlayStation 5 when given the opportunity? Absolutely. Is there a lack of games right now and has Sony made questionable decisions recently? Oh, yes. I’m going to enjoy my Game Pass games and Xbox Series S for now. This combination is one of the best I’ve seen in gaming history.

Have you jumped into the Next-Gen of consoles yet? Did you switch allegiances? Let me know in the comments.