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Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 6 “The Gift Among the Green” Review

Well, Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited Episode 6 brings us another disappointment. It’s more of the same continuing from Episode 5; another narrative hook is thrown at the party. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m even more… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 “A Test of Worth” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 is not a good episode. Where Episode 4 “By the Road” started great and fell off into more mindless, side quest shenanigans, Episode 5 throws more plot hooks all over the dartboard. Exandria Unlimited Episode 5… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 4 “By the Road” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 4 is a tale of two halves. Much like Episode 3 “A Glorious Return“, this Critical Role mini-campaign episode was just, okay. We rejoin our party on a road trip traveling south from Emon. They enter the… Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi & Stargrave Miniature Size & Scale Comparison

I’ve bought quite a bit of miniatures for Stargrave through creating that list and creating this YouTube series. I wanted to do a scale comparison for a while, as it was a much-requested feature. Painting all these minis is turning… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 3 “A Glorious Return” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 3 finally felt a bit more like the Critical Role I know and love. It was nice to have some fun this episode, as Episode 2, “The Oh No Plateau” left a pretty bad taste in my… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 2 “The Oh No Plateau” Review

I just finished Episode 2 of Critical Role’s 8-Episode mini-campaign, Exandria Unlimited. And this one wasn’t a mixed bag like Episode 1 was; Episode 2 of Exandria Unlimited is just plain, bad. I’m left not really knowing what is going… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 1 “The Nameless Ones” Review

Critical Role’s Campaign Two ended earlier this month with its 141st episode, and this week (6/28/21), Critters were introduced to Episode 1 of Exandria Unlimited — an 8-episode mini-campaign set 6 years after the end of Campaign Two. I am… Continue Reading →

What’s The Deal With Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance?

As Jerry Seinfeld once said — “What’s the deal with Dark Alliance?” I wanted to like Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, I really did. R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden, Forgotten Realms novels were the vehicle that got me obsessed with the… Continue Reading →

Frostgrave Miniatures | 28mm Fantasy Minis To Buy For Your Warband

Let’s compile some 28mm fantasy miniatures for Joseph A. McCullough’s & Osprey’s Frostgrave, & Rangers of Shadowdeep, Dungeons & Dragons, or any Fantasy tabletop game! I’ve put together a living list of miniatures for Stargrave and really any Sci-Fi game,… Continue Reading →

What’s The Deal With Rule Of Rose? | PS2 Horror Game Worth The Price?

Rule of Rose Is this rare, expensive, PlayStation 2 Survival Horror game. Is it worth the price? I had owned Rule of Rose for quite some time; About 10 years ago, I started collecting PS2 RPGs and other rarities. GameStop… Continue Reading →

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