Sony is closing the PlayStation PS Store For PS3 & PSP on July 2, 2021, & Vita on August 27, 2021.

What does the PS Store closing mean for you? There seems to a be a little bit of confusion on this.

What you can still do after the PS Store closes:

  • Re-download purchased games.

What you cannot do after the PS Store closes:

  • Purchase games or DLC (In-Game or PS Store)

You will not be locked out of your PS purchases (games, DLC, video, or other media).

You can still re-download them! So go wipe-off and plug in those dusty PS3’s, Vita’s & PSP’s and buy any games or DLC that you might want to play that aren’t available on the PS4, PS5 or other consoles/devices.

It’s quite a shame that Sony is doing this to the PlayStation Store. I’m hoping that this is just a pre-requisite to a PS5 announcement that all games across every PlayStation will be available for purchase and download; one can hope.

Here’s a list of games that are currently cheaper to buy on the PS Store than buying used copies on eBay and (mostly) not easily available anywhere else.


playstation 1 logo psn store closing

PS1 RPGs make up a majority of this list. These games have been going up in price over the years and we may see another huge jump after the PS Store for PS3 closes.


ps2 playstation 2 psn store closing games buy
PS2 Slim

PS2 games on the PS3 PS Store.


PS3 Games are typically easy to find. I have a list of some expensive Disc games that are cheaper on PS and some Digital Only games.

ps3 playstation 3 psn store closing games buy
PS3 Super Slim.


playstation portable psp go psn network closing games

Remember the PSP-Go? Well, make sure you buy games before the PS store closes because you won’t be able to add new games to this disc-less system after July.

There are my lists. Are there any other games that will be expensive or hard to find after the PlayStation Store closes for PS3, PSP, & Vita? Let me know in the comments.

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*Update 4/19/21

PS Store for PS3 & PS Vita will be staying open! Read about the update HERE. I will update this post for PSP games, as it is still closing down.