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Exandria Unlimited Kymal Review | Critical Role ExU Sequel

Exandria Unlimited Kymal Review Exandria Unlimited Kymal is a 2-part sequel to Critical Role’s 2021 8-part mini-campaign Exandria Unlimited. This ExU “part 2” continues the story of the non-Campaign 3 Crown Keepers. Aabria Iyengar is back to DM/GM along with: Dorian… Continue Reading →

Exandria Unlimited Kymal | 2 Part ExU Sequel from Critical Role

Exandria Unlimited Returns with Kymal Dorian Storm and his brother Cyrus Wyvernwind return to Critical Role as they reconnect with the Crown Keepers in Tal’Dorei in this 2-part Exandria Unlimited Sequel. Yes, that means that Aabria Iyengar is back to… Continue Reading →

Exandria Unlimited Review | Critical Role’s Mini Campaign Is Bad

Exandria Unlimited has come to an end. I reviewed each episode as they came out and I’ve had some time to reflect on the series as a whole. I wrote a nearly 6,000 word script and spent an entire week… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 6 “The Gift Among the Green” Review

Well, Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited Episode 6 brings us another disappointment. It’s more of the same continuing from Episode 5; another narrative hook is thrown at the party. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m even more… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 “A Test of Worth” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 is not a good episode. Where Episode 4 “By the Road” started great and fell off into more mindless, side quest shenanigans, Episode 5 throws more plot hooks all over the dartboard. Exandria Unlimited Episode 5… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 4 “By the Road” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 4 is a tale of two halves. Much like Episode 3 “A Glorious Return“, this Critical Role mini-campaign episode was just, okay. We rejoin our party on a road trip traveling south from Emon. They enter the… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 3 “A Glorious Return” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 3 finally felt a bit more like the Critical Role I know and love. It was nice to have some fun this episode, as Episode 2, “The Oh No Plateau” left a pretty bad taste in my… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 2 “The Oh No Plateau” Review

I just finished Episode 2 of Critical Role’s 8-Episode mini-campaign, Exandria Unlimited. And this one wasn’t a mixed bag like Episode 1 was; Episode 2 of Exandria Unlimited is just plain, bad. I’m left not really knowing what is going… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 1 “The Nameless Ones” Review

Critical Role’s Campaign Two ended earlier this month with its 141st episode, and this week (6/28/21), Critters were introduced to Episode 1 of Exandria Unlimited — an 8-episode mini-campaign set 6 years after the end of Campaign Two. I am… Continue Reading →

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