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Exandria Unlimited Review | Critical Role’s Mini Campaign Is Bad

Exandria Unlimited has come to an end. I reviewed each episode as they came out and I’ve had some time to reflect on the series as a whole. I wrote a nearly 6,000 word script and spent an entire week… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 8 “What Comes Next” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 8 from Critical Role is in the books, thus, wrapping up this entire mini-campaign. Well, that was something, right? Continuing after the fight at the ruins from Episode 7, the party fights Myr’atta Niselor, and a crazy… Continue Reading →

Critical Role | Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 “A Test of Worth” Review

Exandria Unlimited Episode 5 is not a good episode. Where Episode 4 “By the Road” started great and fell off into more mindless, side quest shenanigans, Episode 5 throws more plot hooks all over the dartboard. Exandria Unlimited Episode 5… Continue Reading →

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