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Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 98 Review & Theories

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 98 Review & Theories The Chainsaw Man manga is back! Chainsaw Man Part 2 is back with Chapter 98, and what a return it was! No Denji!? What the cluck? We get to meet Bucky,… Continue Reading →

BERSERK IS BACK | Manga Will Continue This Month

The Berserk Manga will continue, with new chapters coming this month! In a statement from the Young Animal Editing Department and Kouji Mori the Berserk Manga will continue and finish. 6 more chapters of the Fantasia Arc, followed by a… Continue Reading →

Why We’re Hooked On Spy x Family

Spy x Family — Everyone is hooked on Spy x Family and for good reason; it’s a fantastic Action-Comedy. Whether you started with the manga or caught the anime on Crunchyroll, you’re probably hooked on the wild story of Twilight… Continue Reading →

New Berserk Manga Reader | Black Swordsman & Golden Age Arcs

Berserk Is A Special Manga I finally started reading the Berserk manga by Kentaro Miura (RIP). I’ve been consuming every article or video related to Elden Ring since the game’s release, including all the Berserk references and easter eggs. I… Continue Reading →

One Punch Man Season 1 – An Easy Anime To Recommend

I’ve wanted to start up with anime again. I wrote a post asking for your recommendations and social media responded: Their list: Black Lagoon Dominion Tank Police Dorohedoro Engaged to the Unidentified Gate Gurren Lagann Highschool of the Dead Iria:… Continue Reading →

Recommend Me Some Anime | Anime Recommendations

It’s been quite a while since I really devoured an anime. Give me some anime recommendations! In the last 5 years, I’ve really only watched a single anime; Dragon Ball Super. There have been times where I attempted to start… Continue Reading →

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