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Resident Evil 2 Remake | Love & Hate

I bought the Resident Evil 2 remake despite the fact that I really DO NOT enjoy horror in any form of media. There have been a few exceptions over the years, but not many. For games; I’ve played a few…. Continue Reading →

Ultrawide Monitors – Omen X35 vs Asus ROG Swift PG348Q

A couple of weeks ago I entered the world of UltraWide. 3440×1440 in all its glory. 21:9. I could never go back. What sparked my interest was a sale at Best Buy (they have great sales – my gaming laptop)… Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 For $12 On PC – Should You Get It?

Destiny 2 is only $12 right now on PC. Bungie knows what they are doing. Right now Destiny 2 is May’s Monthly Humble Subscription game, the same time they are dropping their latest expansion, Warmind. Humble you ask? It’s a… Continue Reading →

New Laptop Adventure – Asus ROG Strix GL503VM Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptop. What an interesting concept. When I think of this (almost silly) combination of words for a computer, I think of my cousin who “built” a gaming laptop and showed it to me once; he brought over an Alienware… Continue Reading →

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