Vampire in the Garden Review

Vampire in the Garden is a Netflix Original anime series about a forbidden friendship between a human and a vampire.

Once upon a time, humans and vampires lived in harmony in a place called ‘Paradise’. That time is long forgotten…or is it? 

As war rages through the tundra, a fateful meeting of one human (Momo) and the Vampire Queen (Fine) may just change the world.

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Vampire in the Garden Review Video

Vampire in the Garden, a Netflix Original anime is good, could have been so much more, as it felt too rushed at only 5 episodes. This anime would be great with a few more episodes to flesh out this exciting world and main characters. As it stands, Vampire in the Garden is a decent, sad story about forbidden friendship.

vampire in the garden review netflix oringial anime vampires momo fine

Vampire in the Garden Gets a 3/5

There was potential here, but it really needed a few more episodes to further develop the main characters (Momo & Fine). I hope enough people watch the series and Netflix greenlights another season.

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