The Bloodborne PSX Demake Is Awesome!

Playing Bloodborne PSX (PS1 Demake) got me thinking — Are there any actual PS1 games that are similar? Check out my video below for gameplay of each of the games mentioned, as well as my full thoughts!

Bloodborne PSX Demake Video

From Software | First Person Games

From Software was, to my surprise, making video games back in the PS1 era. The majority consisted of first-person RPGs.

One exception that I actually played before this experiment was Armored Core; a Third Person mech shooter. I played the demo on Volume 4 Interactive CD Sampler Disk that came packed in with my original PlayStation console. Armored Core does not really fit the criteria of this search, so it has been left out.

King’s Field

king's field ps1 playstation play station from software rpg first person rpg bloodborne psx demake
King’s Field

King’s Field is a first-person role-playing game focusing on exploration, puzzle-solving, and fighting. The USA version of King’s Field is actually the Japanese release of King’s Field II.

Awful controls, slogging gameplay, and a lack of Bloodborne PSX demake vibes leave King’s Field as a big pass for me.

King’s Field II

king's field 2 II ps1 playstation play station from software rpg first person rpg bloodborne psx demake
King’s Field II

King’s Field II (originally King’s Field III in Japan) is more of the same. I gave these two games a total of 10 minutes before I turned them off. They are both very difficult and combat was not fun.

Shadow Tower

shadow tower ps1 playstation play station from software rpg first person rpg bloodborne psx demake
Shadow Tower

Shadow Tower leans closer to Bloodborne PSX as it has an eerier theming compared to the King’s Field games. Unfortunately, the gameplay is pretty much the same as the King’s Field series, as it’s a first-person RPG that leans more towards a Dungeon Crawler.

You can see some of the early Soulsborne ideas in here, as leveling up your character requires “soul pods”. With its extremely clunky combat, movement, and performance this PS1 game was turned off rather quickly. The search continues.

Echo Night

echo night ps1 playstation play station from software survival horror adventure game first person
Echo Night

Echo Night is another first-person game, but rather a survival horror adventure game than an RPG. Since there is no combat that I’m aware of, Echo Night has me rather intrigued as it seems to have a pretty interesting story.

Richard Osmond is investigating the mysterious disappearance of the ship Orpheus. Interacting with certain objects transports Richard to the past to investigate what the hell is going on.

While Echo Night doesn’t remind me of the Bloodborne PSX demake other than maybe some of the creepy themes, I’m curious enough about the story to play more of it.

Not Covering

Tank Controlled Survival Horror Games

  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
  • Dino Crisis & Dino Crisis 2
  • Fear Effect & Fear Effect 2
  • Resident Evil & Resident Evil 2
  • Silent Hill

These games don’t really fit the bill with their slow-paced tank controls, so I’m skipping them. I’m also leaving out MediEvil & MediEvil 2 since they are a bit too whimsical for this experiment.

Similar Theme & Aethetics To Bloodborne PSX Demake

Nightmare Creatures

nightmare creatures ps1 playstation play station rpg action adventure bloodborne psx demake
Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures was an obvious choice to look at; characters that fight with both melee weapons and a gu that, fight against gothic horror monsters sounds right on theme, to me. Two characters are available to play through the game, each with their own unique weapon and combos.

I was not expecting the camera to control the way it does in Nightmare Creatures, as it’s a sort of combination of tank controls and an over-the-shoulder camera. To move the camera, you actually have to stop moving your character and sidestep left or right via left or right on the d-pad. This creates situations where the camera gets caught up, or you have to completely stop while fighting an enemy to turn yourself around.

The bad camera with some clunky fighting leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t see myself loading this one up ever again.

Nightmare Creatures II

nightmare creatures II 2 ps1 playstation play station rpg action adventure bloodborne psx demake
Nightmare Creatures II

Nightmare Creatures II improves on the original game with better controls, a better working camera, and the addition of fatalities. This time you play as the ax-wielding patient, Herbert Wallace.

I gave Nightmare Creatures II about a half hour and it seems okay. I was impressed with the voice over and the story seems interesting. It didn’t really leave me wanting more, though, so I probably won’t revisit it.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

blood omen legacy of kain ps1 playstation play station rpg action adventure bloodborne psx demake
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain — I had no idea was a top-down 2D action game. It actually shares a decent amount with Bloodborne PSX; the gothic fantasy theme, puzzle-solving, hack-and-slash combat, difficulty, etc.

I only stopped playing Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain because I encountered a puzzle I couldn’t solve. I would play more of this with a strategy guide in hand.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

legacy of kain soul reaver ps1 playstation play station rpg action adventure bloodborne psx demake
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is a completely different game from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, as it’s a 3D action-adventure game, and probably the closest game to the Bloodborne PSX demake out of any on this list, as the camera controls are on the triggers (L & R buttons).

The game features Raziel, a disfigured, ghostly vampire who must ingest souls instead of blood while fighting monsters, platforming, and solving puzzles.

Unfortunately, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver suffers from much of the early 3D game “jank”, as it plays like garbage. I chased an enemy around in a circle for over 60 seconds before I was finally able to kill it. If that’s any indication of how the rest of the game plays out, I’m not interested.

Dungeon Crawlers

I looked at a few 3D PS1 dungeon crawlers for the hell of it. Just about all of these have PC counterparts that probably look, play and run way better than the PS1 versions, but for the sake of this experiment, I’m sticking with the PS1 versions.


darkstone dark stone ps1 playstation play station rpg dungeon crawler diablo clone soulsborne elden ring

Darkstone is an action RPG dungeon crawler, that is basically a Diablo Clone. While it has terrible camera options, Darkstone has a bit of charm and depth if you’re dead set on playing a PS1 game. Otherwise, I think there are way better options out there for a dungeon crawler loot game.

This one doesn’t remind me at all of Bloodborne PSX.

Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon

deathtrap dungeon ian livingstone ps1 playstation play station rpg dungeon crawler soulsborne elden ring
Deathrap Dungeon

Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon is more the action-adventure dungeon crawler, as it is a mix of combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving. I found the game to play horribly, with tons of jank and the dreaded tank controls.

Leave this dungeon alone. Quick “nope” from me.


diablo ps1 playstation play station rpg dungeon crawler soulsborne elden ring

Diablo on PS1 is a version of Diablo that I always wanted to own since it allows for local, split-screen co-op. In 2022, this game doesn’t hold up, as it is very clunky. There are way more Diablo options out there that will provide a much better experience.

Vagrant Story

vagrant story ps1 playstation play station rpg dungeon crawler soulsborne elden ring squaresoft square enix
Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story is a game I own and played back when it was released in 2000. A very unique take on 3D dungeon crawlers, as it has a battle system I haven’t encountered since.

When attacking an enemy, a wire grid appears and time comes to a halt; allowing for certain limbs of the enemy to be targeted. As long as your timing is perfect, you can comb attack after attack as you wilt down the enemy’s HP. But, each successful attack also raises your “Risk” — which subsequently lowers your accuracy and defense.

There is a ton more to all the systems in Vagrant Story – counter-attacks, weapon-type specific abilities, magic, deep weapon customization systems, and so on.

Now, while this game doesn’t play anything like the Bloodborne PSX demake, I loved every minute of my hour and a half with it. I enjoyed it so much that I plan on playing through the entire game and making a video on it in the near future!

Bloodborne PSX Demake Conclusion

Well, I think I can safely conclude that none of these games give a fun Bloodborne PSX-like experience. There are some clones of Soulsborne games now, but we hadn’t really seen anything like those games going back this far.

I think it only goes to show you how awesome the Bloodborne PSX Demake actually is.

I think the control mechanics with the unintended resulting difficulty is why I can’t play many of these retro games for longer than a few minutes. Some of these games may have a great story or depth, but if I die over and over because of tank controls, I’m just going to move on.

Did I miss out on any games from PS1 or this era?

If you didn’t check out my video on PS1 Games Like Bloodborne PSX Demake, check it out, as I go into way more depth than this post.

Download Bloodborne PSX

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