Disintegration is a bad game.

Yes, it’s understood that it a Technical Beta, but this is a game that is slated to release between Q1 and Q2 of 2020.


In its current state — Disintegration reminds me of a bad, original Xbox game.

I have some notes from my time playing, which included the tutorial and 5 Quickplay matches.

  • Terrible frame rate drops
  • Graphical stuttering and pop-in
  • Not fun.

The graphics are a mixture of okay and terrible. The cockpit view looks alright, reminding me of the Titanfall series. I could get over this if the gameplay resembled anything close to fun.

The quickplay matchmaking included some objective-based modes, and no sign deathmatch modes. I typically enjoy these over the “just kill everybody” type modes but, Disintegration does a poor job explaining how to actually complete any of the objectives. I had no idea what to actually do in the Retrieval game mode.

Disintegration claims to be a FPS/RTS hybrid.

As mentioned in this interview with Eurogamer, Disintegration originally started out as a straight Real Time Strategy (RTS) game.

You control this “grav cycle” hoverbike and by a single button press, can order you small squad to different locations or engage in combat with specific enemies. There isn’t much strategy to this; maybe there will be in the single player campaign? I noted that “Controlling a squad doesn’t really matter.”

Each crew has a different playstyle, loadout and distinct look.

There are different options for crews. Each have their own weapon load out, stats (Durability, Handling & Speed) and distinct look. I didn’t find much a difference between the options; each crew’s grav cycle seems slow, and are killed quickly.

The weapon options/play-style are the biggest factor which crew to play as. Automatic guns, semi-auto, sticky bombs, etc. None of them really felt satisfying to play. Reloading takes forever. Did I mention this game wasn’t fun?

My guess is that this game goes free to play. I don’t see it stealing people away from the Call of Duty’s or Destiny 2’s out there.

Don’t bother playing it. I uninstalled the beta. Too many good, fun games out there to play.

Peace out.

Have you tried the Disintegration Technical Beta? What do you think?

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