I finally found a Critical Role Campaign 3 Fresh Cut Grass Miniature to 3D Print!

Fresh Cut Grass Miniature Painting Video

Get the STL file for free – Fresh Cut Grass Miniature 3D Print STL File.

I sat down for a few hours to build and paint these 2 Fresh Cut Grass 3D printed minis. I gave them a quick and dirty paint job and I think they came out pretty well for the time spent.

I don’t always like spending hours upon hours painting a single mini, actually I don’t really do that anymore. I have so many projects and minis that I want to paint (hundreds), so I get them to the best tabletop standard that I can.

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3″ & 1″ (28mm scale) painting 3D printed Fresh Cut Grass Minis

My Fresh Cut Grass 3D Printed Miniature Painting Recipe

Base Coat – Leadbelcher

Yellow – Pro Acryl Transparent Yellow & GW Glaze Lamenters Yellow

Blue – Secret Weapons Miniatures Sapphire Wash

Brown – Rinox Hyde & A light brown drybrush

Off White – Ushabti Bone

Copper – Balthasar Gold

Black – Abaddon Black

Wash – Agrax Earthshade

I grabbed most of these mini paints as I went. I would have liked to try an airbrush on the larger Fresh Cut Grass Miniature, but I still haven’t airbrushed minis before, so that’s a project for another day. I decided that using a transparent yellow would be best on a large mini, so that would hopefully hide most of my brush strokes. I think they came out pretty well!

I had searched for weeks for an STL File of a Fresh Cut Grass Miniature

I was lucky enough to come across Seb Makes Stuff’s video, where he builds and paints the full 7″ Fresh Cut Grass model. His model came out awesome, so make sure to check out his video!

Seb Makes Stuff’s Video

Check out my Critical Role Campaign 3 Theories Video for Ashton Greymoore & Fresh Cut Grass!