The Genshin Impact 1 Year Anniversary is upon us!

Genshin Impact One Year Anniversary Review

Looking back, I downloaded and installed Genshin Impact onto my PS4 on October 8, 2020. No, I wasn’t there day one, because I hadn’t seen a YouTube ad about the game until a week after it was released. One month later, and I was hooked — I recommended that people SHOULD PLAY Genshin Impact in my review.

I played the game every day (there were one or two occasions I wasn’t able to log in) up until a couple of weeks ago. Something changed. I no longer was obsessed with Genshin Impact.

genshin impact bad anniversary rewards 1 year one review
Paimon gives trash gifts.

Maybe it was the terrible 1 Year Anniversary Rewards they revealed; MiHiYo is stingy with primogems, but these “rewards” were pretty ridiculous.

I sat with my thoughts for a while and actually scrapped my first review script (nearly 2000 words). I already reviewed the game in a video where I expressed that you SHOULD play Genshin Impact so I wanted to speak more to my experiences with this gacha game for a year; so this review does not cover basics of the game.

Check out my video review (above) as I cover:

  • One Year With Genshin Impact
  • Genshin Impact Content
  • My Realization
  • Will I Keep Playing?
  • Should You Jump In If You’re New?

I won’t lie, it’s a little sad that I’m no longer obsessed with the game.

Regardless of how I’m now feeling — I had so much fun during this year with Genshin Impact.

I wasn’t expecting to play it for so long, as I’ve never been hooked by a video game like this before. Is it because of the beautiful anime world MiHiYo created? Is it the fun combat? Is it the rush of wishing in the gacha system for new, cool characters? Watch my Genshin Impact 1 Year Anniversary Review and let me know your thoughts on the game!