Genshin Impact 2.1 Update is now live! So what’s new?

New Characters for Genshin Impact 2.1 Update!

Raiden Shogun | 5 Star Electro Polearm user.

Current Banner as of 9/1/21, Raiden Shogun can come home if you win the 50/50.

raiden shogun genshin impact 2.1 update new 5 star character gacha wish come home
5 Star Raiden Shogun

Kujou Sara | 4 Star Electro Bow user

Kujou Sara can come home as she is on Raiden Shogun’s banner along with Sucrose, and Xiangling

kujou sara genshin impact 2.1 update new 4 star character gacha wish come home
4 Star Kujou Sara

Sangonomiya Kokomi | 5 Star Hydro Catalyst user

If you want Kokomi, you’ll have to wait for the next banner.

genshin impact 2.1 update 5 star hydro water user kokomi
5 Star Sangonomiya Kokomii

PS4/PS5 players can now unlock a free 5-Star character — Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, along with a free 4-star Bow – Predator.

Aloy does not seem to have additional constellations available, so she this this is basically her full kit. She will be available for Mobile/PC players will have to wait until version 2.2 on October 13, 2021 to unlock Aloy.

New Genshin Impact 2.1 Weapons

Weapon Banner – Epitome Invocation

The current weapon banner has the new 5 star Polearm for Raiden Shogun – Engulfing Lightning, along with the polearm, The Unforged.

2.1 4- Star Weapons

genshin impact 2.1 update weapons banner unforged engulfing lightning

Luxurious Sea-Lord Claymore…is a giant fish and I need it! It will be unlockable during the “Moonlight Merriment” event.

The Catch Polearm – will be available via exchange through fishing.

New Inazuma Islands – Watatsumu & Seirai for 2.1

Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island both include new treasures to find, enemies to battle, domains to complete, and secrets to unlock!

inazuma 2.1 update new islands genshin impact mihoyo map location guide
Inazuma Islands: Watatsumi & Seirai

Genshin Impact Fishing!

Catching fish can be used for cooking dishes as well as exchanging for precious treasures. I haven’t unlocked fishing myself, just yet!

I personally have had 0 luck with new characters so far. I used up the majority of my wishing during 2.0 in a failed attempt to unlock Sayu. No Kujou Sara for me with 30 pulls so far…I do have 5 star pity coming up in the next 10-20 wishes (I’m currently out of primogems), but I last pulled Ayaka, so I have the 50/50 to deal with. Raiden Shogun seems great, but I’d take a C3 Constellation for Diluc. I managed a 5-star on the standard banner, but it was…Skyward Blade.

skyward blade genshin impact 5 star standard banner gacha
Thanks MiHoYo…

I will update this post as I unlock more of the new features. Let me know what you think of Genshin Impact’s 2.1 update! Check out my Genshin Impact Review!