Over the past couple of months, I bought some more old miniatures off eBay. I shot a quick video of them!

New Old Miniatures Video

What started off as collecting chaos miniatures, expanded into Mordheim with: Skaven, Humans & Dwarven Treasure Hunters. I have quite the backlog now, but they’re all very cool (I still want more).

I fell down a rabbit hole with old minis on eBay (it’s pretty easy to do) and wound up with a bunch more minis to paint.

I wanted to build, clean, and prime as many miniatures as I could, so I would not run out during the winter. I typically prime with rattle-cans and once the temperature drops low enough — I can’t prime. Doing all this building and priming sort of burnt me out of the hobby. I wound up taking a couple of months off (I did all this in October), and just started painting again this week (the week of Christmas).

Northumbrian Tin Soldier

I find that this happens with me quite a bit with miniatures. I really only enjoy the painting aspect. Cutting and cleaning off sprues, assembling & priming; I don’t find these parts fun.

After also spending a bunch of nights and weekends stripping off poorly painted minis, I didn’t want to look at a miniature again for a while. So, I took a break.

That’s where my post about Genshin Impact came from. Video games became my main hobby for the past 2 months, but I’m ready to use put some paint on miniatures again.

chaos metal minis painted
Guardians of Doom from Ral Partha – I attempted glowing eyes. I will base them…one day.

The last minis I painted before taking a break were the Ral Partha: Guardians of Doom and a Chaos Knight of the Skull. They’re awesome minis. I’m aware they are not based just yet, but it is what it is (Basing also isn’t fun).

ral partha old metal chaos knight
I’m really enjoying this layering technique.

Fast forward to December; I finally got the urge to paint again, so I grabbed two of the old minis that I primed over the summer/fall and had at it. I completed these in 2 sessions and I’m really happy with how they came out.

old metal citadel games workshop mordheim chaos knight mini miniature
These were pre-based, so I’m not exactly sure what they are.

Sometimes I follow a picture for color scheme, other times I pre-plan a whole set of colors. For these two old minis, I just winged it. It was a fun way to paint. The one on the left, I originally was going to leave gold/copper, but he looked boring, so I added it some silver. If you know what these minis are, please let me know!

See my original post about old miniatures, HERE.

I have quite a bit primed; including a whole army from RuneWars, so I expect to have more posts in the coming weeks. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I will be posting there as well.