I’m not that huge on wine. I’ll drink it here and there (mostly due to my girlfriend’s excitement to try a new bottle), but as I sip, I generally I wish I was drinking some neat Scotch, an Old Fashioned or a Margarita.

While we were visiting one of the local liquor stores (we get around), I noticed my girlfriend had a bottle in her hand that mentioned it was aged in bourbon barrels. I was intrigued since I enjoy me some bourbon old fashioneds.

Stave & Steel

Stave & Steel – Bourbon Barrel Aged – Cabernet Sauvignon. I must stay, I’m impressed. This one needs to breathe for a while. Right out of the bottle, there is an unpleasant acidity. Once the wine warms up a bit, we have a very pleasant Cabernet.

I’m no master at nosing and tasting, but for this one I get a bit of sweet fruit and bourbon on the nose. The taste is a smooth Cab followed by a slight after-taste of bourbon.

This is going to be my go-to wine of choice. Perfect since it’s in the $12-15 range.