The Adam Project Review

The Adam Project is a Netflix Original Sci-Fi film mainly starring Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell. The star-studded cast is rounded out with: Jennifer Gardner, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and Catherine Keener.

What is Netflix’s The Adam Project?

The Adam Project is a comedic sci-fi film that tackles time travel. In my video review, I discuss whether this new Ryan Reynolds Sci-Fi film is worth your time. Watch it below!

The Adam Project Video Review

I love time travel stories (Looper, Terminator, Twelve Monkeys, Back to the Future, etc.), but the science behind their version of time travel, often creates paradoxes, or just simply, could never happen. Films that deal with this concept require the viewer to sort of just roll with the “science” and the before any actor is seen, The Adam Project lets us know “Time Travel Exists.”

time travel exists the adam project mark ruffalo ryan reynolds movie film netflix original 2022 march
Time Travel, ya’ll. Source: Netflix, 2022.

Adam Reed travels back in time from 2050 to 2022 and meets his younger self. Due to the jet, he is piloting requiring his DNA in a healthy state to repair and run itself, Adam (Reynolds) enlists the help of his 12-year old self to start the repair process. Where the plot gets interesting; older Adam sort of stole this jet, illegally time-jumped, and is being chased by future soldiers. His original destination was 2018, to search for his missing wife, who never returned from a time-jump of her own, but due to the chaos, arrived in 2022, instead.

The first thirty miniutes or so, consist of Adam meeting Adam and this is the best part of the film. While Scobell is just an okay actor, his impression of young Ryan Reynolds (who, let’s face it, place the same exact character in every film) is pretty great to see on screen, especially with the real Reynolds acting across from him.

time travel exists the adam project mark ruffalo ryan reynolds movie film netflix original 2022 march
Adam Reed & Adam Reed. Source: Netflix, 2022

When the plot shifts to action sequences, was when the film loses its charm a bit. It’s very clear that this is attempting to pull off a Marvel or Guardians of the Galaxy vibe, which makes sense, as the film does star Bruce Banner, Gamora, Deadpool, and…Elektra. Unfortunately, The Adam Project comes off more like a “Lite” version of the aforementioned, as it clearly does not have anywhere near the budget of those properties; which can be clearly seen in the action sequences, which are mostly forgettable. “Lite” can also describe the comedy, as it is geared more towards pre-teens/early teens than Marvel’s all-ages/adults.

Despite these shortcomings, there is still a decent time to be had with The Adam Project, but it’s more of an “okay” to “good” experience than a great one.

The Adam Project gets a 3 out of 5.

There are some genuinely warm and heartfelt moments in The Adam Project, which one would expect from a tale about a 45-year-old man traveling back in time to meet his 12-year-old self and deceased father, but the sub-par action and fast pace of the final two-thirds of the film ultimately leave The Adam Project as just another forgettable, sub-par, Netflix Original release.

What did you think of Netflix’s Sci-Fi Time Travel Tale, The Adam Project?

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