The Legend of Vox Machina Review — Episodes 10, 11 & 12 just wow; season 1 certainly ends with a bang and a nice teaser for season 2.

Watch my video review of The Legend of Vox Machina Episodes 10 – 12 for my complete breakdown, reaction, and analysis.

Video Review – Episodes 10, 11, & 12

The Legend of Vox Machina Episode 10

The prisoner is indeed Dr. Anna Ripley; who is on Percy’s kill-list because she tortured him. Percy attempts multiple times to end her life, but is stopped by his sister, Cassandra.

Scanlan confronts Percy once again about the dark smoke and Percy agrees to have Pike takes a look and while she doesn’t know exactly what it is, she does conclude that this entity is clouding his soul. They all agree that this needs to be taken care of; but due to their current situation, it will have to wait until after Vox Machina deals with the Briarwoods.

Anna Ripley takes Vox Machina to where the Briarwoods will be, not the upstairs in the throne room but below the castle in an underground ziggurat. A quick stop to fight zombified de Rolo’s in the crypt and our adventurers enter a large room filled with Residuum.

A deception by Cassandra makes for an interesting turn of events. She, under some sort of mind control, seals Vox Machina in the room, but not before Vax slides under the closing door…only to be mind-controlled himself. An acid trap is set, that could be the end of Vox Machina if not for Vex smacking some sense into Percy, and for Grog not even thinking twice about jumping into a lake of acid to flip a switch.

the legend of vox machina episode 10 ep acid critical role scanlan grog review reaction
Think fast or it’s time for an acid bath.

I thought this was pretty insane by Grog, and I loved the combination of Pike healing him continuously while he was in the acid, so he didn’t completely melt away. I could only imagine how awesome, and chaotic this whole sequence was in Campaign 1.

I thought this episode was okay. It was essentially: Story. Zombies. Trap. The conversation between Vex and Percy was a nice moment; with Vex telling Percy that the people in this room would never abandon him. She needs Percy to snap out of it because he first needs to save them (from the acid) before they have a chance of saving Cassandra, and Vax.

I’m guessing that Percy has the highest intelligence of the group (he does!), so it makes sense why Percy, specifically was needed to solve this time-limited death puzzle.

The Legend of Vox Machina Episode 11

Opening on the ziggurat, Scanlan realizes that the time isn’t a spellbook, but a sort of instruction manual for the Whispered One. Pike has heard of the Whispered One (Vecna) and explains that it is an undead creature whose soul seeks the power to return to the plane of the world. It just so happens to be the solstice, a day in which the barrier between planes is the thinnest.

Episode 11 is all about the action and it shows; this is by far, the best animation of the entire season, and I have been waiting for this since the battle with the Briarwoods back in episode 3.

Pike vs. Syslas stands out to me as the best battle of the show, but all of the action sequences in episode 11 were great. I’m no expert in animation, but it looks like corners were cut in previous action scenes throughout the season in an effort to save the budget for the animation in episode 11. I don’t know if I would go so far as to say it was worth it, but it was definitely appreciated.

the legend of vox machina episode 11 ep acid critical role scanlan grog review reaction kamehameha goku gohan goten dbz dragonball z father son
Pike Family Kamehameha (Yes, I know it should be blue).

After Vox takes out Sylas, Delilah manages to slip inside the chamber to ask The Whispered One to “honor our bargain” and bring Sylas back to life.

Vex fires an arrow into Delilah, who retaliates with an energy blast that Keyleth jumps in front of, most likely saving Vex’s life. We zoom into this odd black orb pulsing with purple lightning as episode 11 ends.

All I can say is, wow. Episode 11 is by far the best episode of the season (thus far). I was on the edge of my seat the entire time thanks to the fantastic action. I half expected this to play out like Game of Thrones — where the episode before last includes the season’s climax and the finale brings everything back down to Earth a bit; wrapping up the current arc, as well as setting up season 2; but that’s not what happened.

We have a lot that needs to be explained in the finale of The Legend of Vox Machina season 1.

While we have a few minutes of downtime in the finale of season 1, just wow; I did not expect the twist of no Whispered One, but a demon coming out of Percy. This smoke demon is some sort of curse or possession of Percy, who possibly made a pact with Percy to fulfill his revenge, in exchange for his soul.

Percy struggles with control and almost kills himself to the whole situation. Percy’s eyes are not showing him the real world; he’s seeing the people he swore revenge against in a sort of dream state, but he’s actually shooting at his friends. Even the names of Vox Machina are showing up on his pistol’s barrels.

Vex attempts one last plea for Percy not to forfeit his own soul. This allows Percy a small moment to shoot his own hand, which seems to send the demon away (although there is a small bit of smoke that stays with the pistol).

Percy makes peace with Delilah, but Cassandra doesn’t, and stabs Delilah through the throat with her rapier.

Scanlan, feeling uneasy about Percy’s gun, decided to throw it into the acid, along with Delilah’s body, and good thing he did, as we get one last shot of the demon in the acid.

Good call, Scanlan.

After leaving Whitestone in the hands of Cassandra, Vox Machina fast travels back to Emon only to conclude the finale with the city’s warning bells rining for the imminent attack of four dragons!

What a way to end season 1 of Critical Roles The Legend of Vox Machina!

Episode 10 was okay since it was mostly a setup episode. Episodes 11 and 12 literally blew me away. The action in episode 11 was top-notch. Episode 12, I didn’t see coming at all. I thought Percy would be dealing with this demon entity for a while, but now it’s gone, and Vox Machina will have dragons to deal with in season 2.

Now that season 1 is wrapped up, it’s time for me to give it all a rewatch so I can work on my full season 1 review — where I’ll finally get to give The Legend of Vox Machina a review score.

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