I should have turned this movie off.

TLDR: You Should Have Left isn’t a good movie. Don’t spend $20 on it.

Quick synopsis:

A family of 3; the much older than his wife husband (Kevin Bacon), the actress wife (Amanda Seyfried) and their young daughter (Avery Essex) take a vacation in a secluded hill house, in Whales (so random). Strange things happen in this house, things aren’t as they seem — oh no!

you should have left house
Such creepy.

I guess this is supposed to be a horror movie. It’s listed on Amazon as a suspense, psychological thriller. I didn’t find it creepy or scary at all.

You Should Have Left is not good in a so good it’s bad way, either; it’s just sort of meh.

  • Kevin Bacon’s acting was pretty bad (People don’t wakes up from a dream and mumble “Damn nightmares”).
  • There really isn’t much of a plot
  • The twist is lame.
  • The house isn’t really that creepy.

I don’t need to dissect the film or go deeper. I should have known it was going to be bad from the 2 stars is had at the time I rented it. That being said, I did make it through the film (I mean it was a $20 rental); it’s just very forgettable.

At least Amanda Seyfriend can now brag she has a Bacon number of 1.

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