Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 1 is finally here! I recap, react and review ep 1 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

I typically take some time with my reviews; I like to sit on everything a bit, and in the case of reviewing Exandria Unlimited, I watched the episode a second time for additional notes and confirmation. For Campaign 3 Episode 1, I said, screw it!

You’re getting my raw reaction and review to Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 1!

Please note — there are SPOILERS to the episode in the video and this post.

I am planning on writing a deeper review for each Campaign 3 episode here on my blog. I feel the ability to give a full in-depth review, at least for me, requires me to go through the episode a second time. So when I get a chance (I basically stayed up all night to make this video…woops), I will dig into the episode again thanks to a handy Twitch sub.

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Critical Role Campaign 3 Full Cast!

For Episode 1, all the hype and reveals had me running to Twitter to tweet my predictions and see the official artwork, Reddit to see what everyone thinks about where the hell Travis was, and the Twitch chat…well not really the Twitch chat; it scrolls by way too quickly and from what I have heard post-episode, was quite the shit show.

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Episode 1 of C3 was quite the ride. I did not expect my emotions to be like that. I was excited for Campaign 3 to start, but once that countdown timer hit 0 my hype shot way up, especially with Sam’s AMAZING ad read musical act.

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