Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 2! I recap, react and review ep 2 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

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Please note — there are SPOILERS for Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 2 in the video and this post.

I found Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 2 to be bookended with great content. The sequence inside Prudaj went a little too long for my liking and started to border on boring. But, we had plenty of fantastic (and hilarious) moments in episode 2.

After seeing the cast’s amazing Halloween costumes — of each other, we start jump into the battle teased at the finale of Episode 1. Our party fights Lord Eshteross in a pretty epic boss battle. Eventually yielding to the party, Eshteross, offers the group a test-job, that upon satisfactory completion, a contract for ongoing work will be made.

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Critical Role 2021 Halloween Costumes. Can you guess who is who?

The party takes some time to get to know each other, during which, we are introduced to my favorite part of the entire episode; Pâté de Rolo!

From here, our motley crew accepts the job and launches into an investigation at Prudaj Textiles.

Watch my Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 2 C3R3 Recap Reaction & Review video here.

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