Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 4 Review

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 4 “On the Trail of a Killer” was a fantastic episode of Campaign 3.

In my C3R3 Video – Recap Reaction & (Immediate) Review, I mention that I found this episode expands on the city of Jrusar in a fascinating way. No battles this episode, but the party plays detective, as they investigate the death of Sir Bertrand Bell.

Please note — there are SPOILERS For Campaign 3 Episode 4 in the video and this post.

Campaign 3 Episode 4 C3R3 – Recap, Reaction & Immediate Review Video.

Episode 4 deals with the party and Bertrand Bell’s death. Imogen wakes from her Dream, and wakes the others to search for Bertrand. Eventually finding Bertrand’s body and bringing it to Lord Eshteross, the party regroups the next morning with some new leads to investigate the pale Dwarf from the battle in Episode 3, since Orym notices the wounds on Bertrand Bell are similar to the ones he received in that battle.

The group eventually finds the name of the Dwarf to be Dugger, and continues their search into the shady, inner-spire communities. We end with the group locked in a strange room full of laughing men and what is set up to be a brawl or one-on-one fight to start Episode 5.

I have some Critical Role Theories following Episode 4. Could Travis’ next character show up in Episode 5?

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 4 Review Positives:

  • Robbie & Dorian Storm:
    • I have been on board with Robbie because he has such a great personality and phenomenal acting and roleplaying skills. Dorian really shines in Episode 4, I loved that scene in the Tavern when he uses Charm Person.
    • Robbie just really seems to gel with the cast so well, he’s a natural addition. I know he’s a guest, but I really hope he is with the group for the long haul. Maybe he’s labeled as a guest because he’s not part of the Critical Role company, as is the rest of the cast?
  • Ashton Greymoore – I love how Ashton is sort of the voice of “DUH” for the group. “Does anybody not bribe anymore?” He’s so proud of his shady skills. It was fun to see how proud he was to do the “cool push” for the gold, that he almost forgot the name the gold bought him!
  • Imogen Temult – I’m very invested in: Imogen, her story, and her powers. I see now why she wants so badly to do research about her gifts. Why did Bertrand enter her nightmare, when that has never happened before?
  • The Ending – What a cliffhanger! Matt is really, really good at these. I love that the Shadow Baker basically said fuck you – and sent them off to their….death? Or a fighting pit? Or maybe it’s exactly what they asked for? What a creepy fucking room they entered, either way.
critical role campaign 3 episode 4 review reaction first impressions thoughts bertrand bell death dugger video
Investigating Bertrand Bell’s Death.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 4 Review Negatives:

Not to cop out of this one, but I don’t really have any negatives for Episode 4. I really think it was fantastic.

I have two thoughts, that aren’t really negatives:

  1. We don’t have a contract yet, so that means there is no group name. I was anxiously awaiting what it would be.
  2. Fearne is going to get the group in a lot of trouble with all her thievery, and just the way she converses with NPCs throughout this campaign. I am both terrified and excited about these exchanges. 

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 4 | On the Trail of a Killer gets a 5/5.

A fantastic post-death episode. I was expecting Episode 4 to be pretty depressing, but it was a fantastic mix of dealing with Death, comic relief, world-building, and just plain fun and excitement.

I was reminded by Ashton, that the group only knew Bertrand Bell for 2 days, so the way they reacted and responded to his death, makes sense. They will get their revenge at some point, though.

Let me know your thoughts on Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 4!