Critical Role Campaign 3 is now 4 episodes deep, and I have some theories. If you need a recap refresher of episode 4, look no further. Otherwise:

Critical Role Campaign 3 Theories

Please note — there are SPOILERS for Campaign 3 Episode 4 in the theories video, and this post.

In this second Critical Role Theories video, I cover:

  • Laudna’s backstory
  • Travis Willingham’s next character after Bertrand Bell
  • Robbie Daymond “guest” status
  • The group’s reaction to Bertrand Bell’s death

Critical Role Theory | Laudna

Pâté de Rolo has a raven skull as his head. What is the significance of this?

We know, through the use of Unsettling Presence, that Laudna is a Hollow One; one who was resurrected without their soul, but with their sense of self. But what’s with the raven head?

Pate also mentions that Laudna created him to keep her company when she was a recluse. Otherwise, it was just Laudna and that “voice in her head” — could that voice be Laudna’s patron?

We still do not know Laudna’s current Warlock patron; but we do know that she is an Undead Warlock (a fact I missed in my video) because she uses Form of Dread.

Fan art of Laudna, by Minttu Hynninen

Critical Role Theory | Could Laudna have been a follower of the Raven Queen in life?

The Raven Queen hates intelligent undead, but maybe Laudna was turned hollow against her will? Here’s what led me to this theory:

  1. Pate de Rolo’s raven head – could this be a nod (or dig) at Laudna’s old patron? Laudna mentions she put the head on the rat, because it flew into her home one day, hit a wall, and died. I’m not so sure about that.
  2. The Raven Queen is obsessed with collecting memories and strong emotions, typically associated with loss and tragedy.
    • Laudna took some of Bertrand’s hair after his death.
    • Pate de Rolo is named after the de Rolo family (who Laudna claims were all dead, by her knowledge).
  3. Hollow Ones are said to be indistinguishable from living creatures, save for the faint stench of necromancy that lingers about them. 
    • Followers of the Raven Queen have the physical characteristics that Laudna has; gothic, wearing black, gaunt, and pale. Laudna’s physical appearance isn’t necessarily from being an undead, Hollow One.
  4. Laudna is a Shadow Magic Sorcerer and the Raven Queen is said to have forged the first weapons infused with shadow magic.

Critical Role Theory | Travis Willingham’s Main Campaign 3 Character

I think the majority of theories are leaning toward Travis’ next character being “The Anger” Oshad Breshio, but let me throw something else out there.

The Scimitar wielding Marquesian man at the end of Episode 4 “On the Trail of a Killer”, seems like it could be a nice setup for Travis to appear in Campaign 3 Episode 5.

We still do not know how this event will go, but I’m guessing it will be a one-on-one duel vs an elected champion of our group (Orym or Ashton). I think this might actually be the Corsairs, and this is a sort of test. Or I could be wrong, and the Shadow Baker fucked them.

Would Matt Mercer voice a character in one episode, only to have Travis enter in Episode 5 to reveal himself? Maybe?

At least I’ll get bragging rights if I called this one.

Critical Role Theory | Robbie Daymond

dorian storm theory theories robbie daymond critical role campaign 3 episode
Dorian Storm. Bard.

We have all seen that Robbie is referenced as being a guest, so that has led me (and many others) to speculate that Robbie is only going to be around for a little while. But, I’m thinking this might not be true.

Robbie & Dorian really shined in Episode 4. Robbie’s roleplaying of Dorian, and just his general chemistry with the whole group is fantastic. I think Dorian leaving would leave quite a big hole.

What I’m theorizing — Robbie was just labeled as a guest to give him flexibility with his professional schedule, or maybe for legal reasons, since he is not part of the Critical Role company.

Robbie may have to leave or miss time at the table due to voice acting conflicts, sort of how Ashley was in Campaign 2, and giving him the guest tag allows people to know from the start that Dorian might not always be here.

I think, and hope, Dorian and Robbie are in Campaign 3 for the long haul. 

Critical Role Theory | The Aftermath of Bertrand Bell’s Death

I was wrong.

I expected Bertrand’s death to really have the group come together on a path of revenge for old Bert, but that didn’t quite happen. While Orym did mention that the group seems to have slightly come together, they moved on pretty quickly.

Ashton summarized the situation pretty clearly when he was saying goodbye to Bertrand Bell.

The group only knew Bertrand Bell for 2 days. He mostly got them into trouble due to his antics, so it makes sense that they’re not depressed and moping around; they barely knew this guy.

While I loved Bertrand Bell for his comedy, and will miss him, I’m honestly glad they weren’t sad all of Episode 4, because it would have brought down an episode that I thought, was fantastic.

I’d love to know your thoughts on my theories. Make sure to watch my Critical Role Campaign 3 theories video if you haven’t.

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