Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 8! I recap, talk theories, impressions and review ep 8 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

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Is Travis Willingham STILL Trolling Us With Chetney in Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 8?

We finally get to “meet” Chetney in Episode 8, and CHETNEY IS THE MAN, or should I say, gnome.

I loved Travis’ previous character Bertrand Bell for his comedy and leadership, but Chetney takes the crazy old guy trope to whole new levels!

Chetney is a comedy explosion. Right off the bat, he is hostile with just about everyone. He hates Dorian. He’s scared shitless of Laudna. He yells a lot. This was the most I’ve laughed at in an episode of critical role, ever.

As expected, we learn that Chetney, being based on Chutney Chocolatecane from “The Night Before Critmas” — is basically the Campaign 3 version of a Christmas Elf. Chetney is a woodworker, who makes children’s toys, specializing in wooden rocking horses. Go figure.

critical role campaign 3 episode 8 old spice the witcher marisha ray sam riegel travis willingham chetney robbie daymond dorian storm bronte
Just Marisha smelling Sam’s Armpit. No biggie.

Chetney was is in Jrusar to meet up with Gurge Kisgregg a headhunter he just met to help him find another group. Gurge has since gone missing and Chetney is hoping our (still) nameless group to help him out.

I went back and forth all of Episode 8 on whether or not Chetney is just another troll character from Travis Willingham.

Episode 8 also takes some time with Dorian and his brother Cyrus Wyvernwind. Exandria Unlimited veterans will already know this, but Dorian finally reveals his true name to the Campaign 3 group — Bronte Wyvernwind.

Cyrus is in a bit of trouble, having a large bounty on his head. Luckily the Hubatt Corsairs are keeping him safe.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. On the trail of Gurge, the party makes their way to a factory after hearing rumors about a dire wolf attacking the city (which sounds like a shape-shifting Gurge). They may have run into some corrupt wardens.

There is a lot to break down in this episode, both in the plot, theories, and my impressions. Make sure to watch my Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 8 video.

Episode 8 is the last episode of Campaign 3 until 2022.

What did you think of Episode 8? Do you think Chetney and Dorian stay around for the long haul?

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