We need to talk about Critical Role’s Sir Bertrand Bell.

Spoilers for Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3

Bertrand Bell…has fallen. We’re only blessed with 3 episodes of Bertrand in Campaign 3, but his origins lie elsewhere.

Watch my The Legend of Sir Bertrand Bell video below, for a full retrospective, and reaction to all things Bertrand Bell; from his first Critical Role appearance to his last words.

Retrospective History & Reaction to Bertrand Bell.

We are first introduced to Sir Bertrand Bell, not in Campaign 3, but in (and very minor spoilers for Campaign 1) a post Campaign 1 one-shot The Search for Grog.

The Search For Grog

In The Search For Grog — Vox Machina is attempting to find and rescue the soul of their friend and Ally, Grog, that was stolen, and trapped in the plane of Pandemonium.

Bertrand Bell, introducing (and hyping) himself up as a renowned warrior and adventurer; the Slayer of the Whispering Werewolf of the North and the Horrible Hippogriff of the West! Only actually meant to act as an advisor, as he claims to have actually been to the plain of pandemonium; Bertrand finds himself as Vox Machina’s actual guide.

As to not give away much more of The Search For Grog, just know that Bertrand continues his hijinks, and may or may not fall unconscious a few times.

sir bertrand bell critical role one shot the search for grog bob character death last words episode 3 campaign 3 travis willingham lieve'tel
Bertrand Bell in his first appearance. Official art of Bertrand Bell (2019 Portrait), by Kit Buss.

The Search For Bob

We see Bertrand, yet again in a one-shot before Campaign 3; continuing the adventure from The Search for Grog – we have The Search for Bob.

The majority of Bertrand in this one-shot can really be summed up with — flirting from Lieve’tel, the elf cleric woman played by Liam; pushed further by their actual “relations”. Eventually, Bertrand Bell decides to part ways from Vox Machina due to all the trouble and damage he takes in their journey.

Bertrand Bell – Between The One-Shots & Campaign 3

Bertrand, eventually ending up in Jrusar, and possibly part of the group mentioned by Bertrand in Episode 3, “The Bevy”, is hired by Lord Ariks Eshterass to look into the Ivory Syndicate.

During the mission, explained by Lord Eshteross, Bertrand Bell leaves the groups, causing the death of one, and the rest to leave.

Bertrand Bell In Campaign 3 Episode 1

We first meet Bertrand during Campaign 1 during the group’s first campaign encounter; an encounter both in both battle, and with each other. Eventually, making it back to a tavern, Bertrand introduces himself and mentions the group fought well together. He would like to introduce them to Lord Eshtross for some potential work and coin.

Full Recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 1.

Bertrand Bell In Campaign 3 Episode 2

Lord Eshteross tests the group with a battle. Bertrand Bell’s battle tactics go on full display as he runs to a fireplace for a drink, and a throw.

Eventually, Lord Eshteross offers the party a preliminary job before writing up a contract for ongoing work. While the group talks it over, Bertrand mentions his time with Vox Machina. The group accepts the job and Bertrand is part of Team Front Door, watching the front of Prudaj Textiles.

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sir bertrand bell critical role character death last words episode 3 campaign 1 2 3 travis willingham
Bertrand Falling Asleep. Fan art, by Toby Sharp.

Bertrand Bell In Campaign 3 Episode 3

Bertrand and Imogen do some sneaky stalking of Prudaj Textile’s manager, Danas, following the gnome back to the Weary Way Tavern. The group finds Danas dead at the hands of a shadowy, cloaked, pale Dwarf who summons his “children”, some sort of mutated Shadow Creepers. The evil Dwarf disappears in a cloud of darkness (not before Bertrand runs in and stabs Dorian), and the crew makes it back to Lord Eshteross to report their findings, and receive their reward.

Back at the Spire by Fire Inn, the party celebrates their new contract, and Bertrand gets very drunk, eventually deciding to go for a night stroll.

Full Recap of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3

This is Where Sir Bertrand Bell Meets His Death.

While relieving himself in an alley, the Dwarf from earlier shows up and stabs Bertrand to death, repeatedly.

At the same time, Imogen is having an awful nightmare, running from a creeping redness, eventually making it to the safety of a house, only to see a refined older man walk proudly into the tempest.

As the light leaves Bertrand Bell, he manages some last words…”Lieve’tel”.

I wonder if the first 3 Episodes of Critical Role Campaign 3 will be looked at as a prelude to Campaign 3, proper, now that Bertrand Bell has died.

What did you think of Bertrand Bell in Campaign 3 and his death in episode 3?

Make sure to watch the full The Legend of Sir Bertrand Bell | Critical Role Campaign 3 Character Retrospective video for Bertrand Bell’s full history and my full reaction.