Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 9! I recap, talk theories, impressions and review ep 9 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

My Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 9 Recap, Reaction, and Review video on my YouTube channel is up. See it below:

Please note — there are SPOILERS for Campaign 3 Episode 9 in the video and this post.

The search for Gurge continues in Campaign 3 Episode 9.

The group (still nameless) continues with more of the same: Visiting Lord Eshteross, talking at taverns, and sneaky investigating.

We’re still barely scratching the surface on many of the plot hooks we’ve been given and I speak to that in my Let’s Talk Episode 9 video.

Critical Role Campaign 3 has been focusing on comedy and having a good time. I’m enjoying myself, as I’m laughing way more than I have through my 75 or so episodes of Campaign 2, but the story has a different feel to it. I almost find myself without much to break down or say after watching some of these episodes.

I understand this is D&D, and a city campaign at that, but sometimes (Episode 9) it’s four more hours of more of the same.

Check out my video and let me know what you thought of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 9.