The Matrix Resurrections Review.

The Matrix Resurrections (The Matrix 4) is out in theaters and is available to stream on HBO Max. I watched the 4th film in the (former) Matrix Trilogy twice, and it surprised me. Surprised because I didn’t expect my impressions to take a negative turn following a second viewing, but here we are.

The Matrix Resurrections is a terrible film. 

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Sad Keanu Is Sad.

The Matrix Resurrections has a lot going on. I needed a second viewing to fully understand the origins of this new, “Morphius II”, as I’ll call him. What exactly he was, where he came from, etc.

Originally concluding that the film was fine, if not a bit messy, and boring. A typical sequel, nothing too special. Rewatching the film, this time with my nostalgia goggles off, I realized what The Matrix Resurrections truly is — an absolute cash grab, disaster of a film.

The Matrix Resurrections is terrible.

This sequel has it all:

  • Poor casting.
  • Terrible writing/story.
  • Awful cinematography.
  • Bad, everything.

It did start with some promise, that I will give the opening half-hour credit for.

  • Glitches in the Matrix that are playing alternative versions of past events.
  • Thomas Anderson’s spiral towards insanity.

Unfortunately, those scenes were spliced with a ridiculous amount of literal clips of the previous Matrix films. The original trilogy allowed the viewer to come to their own conclusion about the philosophical undertones, and what the “real” story Wachowski’s were attempting to tell, was. Resurrections beat you over the head with references, so you “get” the plot. Want Neo to take the red pill? Have him walk into a movie theater playing the scene of him taking a red pill from the first film. Mix in dull action with this on-the-nose storytelling, and this and the film truly crumbles.

How can a Matrix film have bad action?

The original Matrix brought the film world revolutionary action. How many video games stole Bullet Time? Fistfights were tough and grimy, perfectly conveying that these characters’ lives were on the line. The Matrix Reloaded has one of the most iconic freeway chase scenes, while The Matrix Revolutions includes Neo’s final battle with Agent Smith.

The Matrix Resurrections somehow has boring action. Fights are filmed in a close-up, shaky-cam style that everyone has hated since the Bourne Identity. A Matrix-style gun and martial arts battle on a train should be awesome, but I can’t point out a single “wow” moment. It doesn’t help that Neo’s only move throughout the majority of the film is an energy blast that we’ve never seen him use before.

sad keanu reeves matrix resurrections review reaction bad neo terrible movie film sequel
Neo in The Matrix Resurrections.

Speaking of Neo; he’s a downer the entire film. Keanu Reeves does a good job at the beginning of the movie, portraying a depressed and confused Thomas Anderson; as he’s falling down the rabbit hole towards insanity. But, Neo has no development arch, as he is in this funk until the very last scene of the film. We have to sit through two hours of emo Neo (Sad Keanu?), and I understand he’s not supposed to be happy until he’s reunited with Trinity, but this really brings the whole mood of the film down. Combine this with poor casting choices (Neil Patrick Harris as the Analyst, Jonathan Groff as Smith, and granny-voiced Jada Pinkett Smith as old Niobe), and forgettable characters (Bugs’ crew), and we’re just left with a poorly scripted, unnecessary sequel that doesn’t tell a story worth your time.

sad keanu reeves matrix resurrections review reaction bad neo terrible movie film sequel
The Matrix Resurrections (2021).

The Matrix Resurrections gets a 1/5.

While Reloaded and Revolutions are far from perfect, they tell a complete story! Neo becomes the one. He and Trinity sacrifice themselves to save Zion. A time of peace between humans and machines begins. The Matrix Resurrections retcons all of this for a fan-service, money grab. Combine that with poor action, acting, and casting, and we’re left with a case of sequelitis.

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