Well, it finally happened! I logged into Twitter, only to see a message from Vinny Caravella that he, Alex Navarro, and Brad Shoemaker have formed a new, post-Giant Bomb, video game focused company — Nextlander!

If you’ve been living under a rock – Alex Navarro, Brad Shoemaker, and Vinny Caravella left Giant Bomb in May 2021. There was a lot of speculation, from us fans, that they would be leaving to form some new podcast/video entity, since it seemed a bit odd that the 3 of them all left together, on the same day (possibly finishing out a contract after Giant Bomb was bought by Red Ventures back in September 2020). But now, none of that matters, as we now have them back together with Nextlander!.

Nextlander follows many video game and nerd-centric content creators by utilizing the Patreon platform.

At the time of this writing, they have 3,994 patrons, all contributing a minimum of $5; quite the nice start, which would net them a minimum of nearly $20,000 per month (Support the Nextlander Patreon).

nextlander alex brad vinny giant bomb launch podcast streaming
That’s a lot of mula!

The Nextlander Podcast episode 000: Ready to Launch! is available on Spotify & Apple podcasts. I’m currently listening and boy am I giddy!

I can’t wait to finish the Nextlander podcast and see what we have waiting for us in the future. Giant Bomb, too! Hopefully, Jeff Gerstmann will be announcing the plan for Giant Bomb’s future soon. As a fan of these guys from back at the GameSpot days, I’ve gone through plenty of emotions the last few weeks. Right now, I have quite a big grin on my face.

Have you backed Nextlander on Patreon? Did you listen to the first episode of the Nextlander podcast? Are you a fan of Giant Bomb or other video game podcasts? Let me know in the comments!

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*Update 1 6/7/21 6:55 PM – Well, their Patreon blew up – now at 6,514 Patrons. Pretty crazy! Still a ways off from being the biggest “Nerd” Patreon, with Last Stand Media (Colin Moriarty) at 11,901 patrons.

**Update 2 6/8/21 9:15 AM – Their Patreon is going crazy! Now, currently at 9, patrons. Closing the gap on Last Stand Media.