Rule of Rose Is this rare, expensive, PlayStation 2 Survival Horror game. Is it worth the price?

Rule of Rose Video

I had owned Rule of Rose for quite some time; About 10 years ago, I started collecting PS2 RPGs and other rarities. GameStop decided they would be getting rid of their Inventory of, then “previous-gen” console games; PS2, GameCube, and Xbox with a “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” sale.

Realizing this was my chance to stock up on cool games for a great price I went around to 4 or 5 local stores and bought up their stock. While I didn’t find Rule of Rose back then (I did manage a full, 7 game collection of the .hack games, that I still regret selling), I eventually bit the bullet and grabbed a copy off eBay. At the time I don’t imagine I paid more than $80-$100.

Fast forward to the present day — Rule of Rose sells for an INSANE amount of money!

rule of rose complete
My copy in all it’s glory.

Rule of Rose had a limited print run and there is currently, no digital version available. I had read there was also some misinformed controversy causing the game to be banned in the UK upon release? Which only expands the game’s mystique.

I didn’t know much about Rule of Rose. I’ve kept myself away from spoilers because I knew I owned this expensive game and wanted to play through it and then sell it. I’m glad I waited all these years; a few years ago I saw it was selling for around $200 and almost sold it. Since I have a complete collection with the manual, actually was able to sell my copy for $640, insane!

rule of rose price ebay
That’s a lot of money for a video game.

When I was all ready to finally play and record my gameplay. I hooked up my PlayStation 2 into my Elgato capture card via the Pound HD link and…the game wouldn’t load. Great.

Checking the disc for scratches, I found a couple that really didn’t seem THAT bad. I looked up my options and after shunning the idea of trying to repair a DVD myself, I found a reputable retailer (Videogamesnewytork) who restore discs for $5 +return shipping.

I was skeptical about sending away such an expensive item to a company I’ve never dealt with before, but I didn’t really have another option, as no local store restored scratched DVDs near me.

Videogamesnewyork did an AMAZING job fixing my Rule of Rose PS2 disc. It came back looking brand new.
rule of rose game
Pretty, pretty good.

If you’re interested in Rule of Rose, I do have a short Let’s Play series. I stopped playing because…the game just isn’t good. The video at the top of this post has my thoughts on the game and its price. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Have you played Rule of Rose? Is it worth the hype and price for you? Let me know in the comments.

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