So Game of Thrones continued with a great episode. Stormborn was definitely not a set-up episode.

It’s nice to see story-lines actually advance in the same episode! All the while, seeing characters return or cross paths for the first time.

We start the episode where Dragonstone left off; With Daenerys in Dragonstone. It looks like we’re finally going to have Jon Snow meet Daenerys and I can’t help but think the writers (since this is no from GRRM’s books) went around the internet looking at theories that people would freak out about. Will Jon and Daenerys find out they are related or marry and join forces? We’ll have to wait and see.

We see more war planning on all sides and factions in this episode…so maybe I’m not completely accurate with my “not a set-up” declaration. But what is Game of Thrones, if not a huge build up to their climax, epic battle episode (although last season we had a lot more than one large battle).

Filler: Damn, there was more filler than I thought.

  1. Sam and Jorah’s scene’s seem a little bit like filler right now, in a season, where we have no more time for filler. Hopefully there is a payoff from Jorah. I always kind of liked his character in the series.
  2. We saw some more filler in the scene between Grey Worm and Missandei, but at least we got some nudity, which seems to have toned down the last few seasons.
  3. The Arya/Nymeria reunion was a bit of fan-fare too. At least these scenes were on the shorter side.

We ended with a nice pirate battle theme between Greyjoy sides, with Theon taking the plundge..into the water.



Overall, Stormborn was a great episode. Good story advancement, a little filler and some good action (if not a little too shaky cam-ish).


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Image source – HBO.