I’m a bit late (a week) with this review, but here it (finally) is!

So Jon Snow and Daenerys finally meet; The King in the North and the True ruler of Westeros. Jon obviously trying to recruit Daenerys to help him with the Night King’s army. Of course, Daenerys finds it hard to believe in the dead. Eventually (and later on in the episode) Dany agrees to let Jon mine for Dragonglass, the obsidian that can kill the white walkers. A somewhat successful journey for Jon.

I really love this meeting between the two. With Daenerys, the last few seasons I’ve felt like thing happen around her, but overall, most of her scenes are boring. It’s just taken her so long to get this close to her goal. Jon, on the other hand, actually gets things done himself. I just wonder how long it actually took him to sail over to Dragonstone?

We see a few more story-lines during this episode. We travel to Winterfell and witness a somewhat odd reunion beween Sansa and Bran. Bran, as the new One-eyed Raven finds it difficult to explain his role to Sansa. I’ve really been enjoying Bran’s role with his “powers.” I’m hoping we see some more type travel-esque scenes before the end of the series.

Anyone else getting a little tired of Little Finger? He’s just always hanging around Sansa.

Back at King’s landing we see Euron Grayjoy bring his spoils of war back to Cersei, which includes; his niece, Ellaria Sand and her daughter. Cersei really gives Ellaria a terrible punishment; she gets to watch her daughter die of poison, the same poison that Ellaria used on Myrcella. I want to hate Cersei, but I really can’t. Ellaria had it coming to her. The assassination of Myrcelle wasn’t really needed. But what is a Game of Thrones story arch without revenge?

We end the episode on a clever plan from Tyrion to take Casterly Rock. All looks well, until we find out that Jaime, basically gave up his home (and some soliders) in exchange for Olenna Tyrell and Highgarden. We see an amazing scene between Jaime and Olenna, who chat about the fight that just ended. We don’t actually get to see any of the battle, but I don’t mind this time. This season has been great, with at least one battle scene an episode.

Jamie tries to be a nice guy to give Olenna a quick and easy death by poison. He regrets that after Olenna gets the last word when she spills the beans about who murdered Joffrey (it was her).

Overall, another fantastic episode for season 7. I can’t wait for the next episode, which I’m actually going to watch after I post this. And no, not because I downloaded the leak! I told you already, I’m writing this a week late.


No chill.

Image source – HBO.