I finally had some time to sit down and watch Master of None: Season 2. The final episode ended the same day I started the first; I highly enjoyed it.

*Minor spoiler warning for the rest of this review

When the first episode stated, I had some doubt. The episode The Thief, is in black and white and mostly in Italian. The season starts off with Dev (Aziz Ansari) living in Italy, learning how to make pasta. (A decision that follows the end of Season 1 and Dev’s breakup from with his girlfriend). Dev has a few Italian friends, meets a girl, his phone gets stolen, shenanigans ensue. The real reason for this episode was to set up the potential love interest of Francesca; it’s only barely hinted at, but as soon as I saw the cute Italian girl on screen (Alessandra Mastronardi), I knew where this show was going.

Basically the season goes on with Dev eventually moving back to NYC, trying out single life, having his Italian friend (Francesca) visit him a few times and continuing his TV career. There are a couple of one-off episodes where Dev is barely in the show, and Aziz (who wrote and directed the series) tackles race and diversity. I didn’t love these episodes. Not because the message wasn’t sincere, but because it didn’t advance the plot of the season. Sure, I learned more about Dev’s black Lesbian friend one episode and a bunch of random immigrant’s in another, but they’re not why I’m watching. I’m looking for some awkward romance and quirky chuckles.

That being said, I enjoyed my time with season 2. Hell, I watched it in a single sitting. When it was over, I wanted more. I’m sucker for these quirky, romance-comedy series; Love and You’re the Worst, to name a couple. If you enjoyed those, you should check out Master of None, even if you start with season 2.