Which gaming keyboard did I choose? Find out below!

I’ve been testing gaming keyboards and mice for the past couple of weeks.

Today, we’ll talk about the gaming keyboards.

I’ve had the same keyboard for the past few years, the Logitech G19. A pretty cool, membrane keyboard. It’s a pretty bad-ass keyboard; has a mini screen that can show CPU performance, video and some games even took advantage of it and used it for extra stats, health, etc.

I recently bought a new gaming laptop (read about my Asus Rog Strix here) and one of the main determining factors was a comfortable keyboard. I decided it was time to start looking into a more comfortable keyboard and mouse for my desktop. I was typing up a blog one night and felt that I was being slowed down by that very G19 keyboard. Enter the world of mechanical keyboards.

I did a lot of research (I do with anything I consider buying). I wound up picking up 3…well technically 2 gaming keyboards.

Logitch G Pro

Corsair K70 Cherry MX Brown

Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blue

I have been loving the Logitech G Pro Tenkeyless Keyboard. I love the feel of it, and actually, the size. Now, I am someone who adores the numpad, especially since I use numbers a decent amount at work, and work from home from time to time. But I’m starting to feel like I don’t need them and that they slow me down? Having to move your hand all the way to the right, definitely slows you down why typing.

I could get used to using the straight across numbers, I think. The linear keys have low 1.5mm activation and feel great to type on. I’m not going to get too technical here, since this is my first experience with a mechanical gaming keyboard. The G Pro gaming keyboard just feels premium; from the shell to the keys themselves, very sturdy. The RGB is amazing, although not something I needed from a keyboard, I probably wouldn’t go back (I prefer the Romer-G style where you don’t see the color bleeding out onto the bottom of the keyboard). 

g pro gaming keyboard

RGB Glory

One issue that I had initially been struggling with; no dedicated media keys. For years my G19, has dedicated media keys and a volume slider. But after a couple of weeks, it’s not really an issue. I’ve finally started to get used to using my thumb to hit the function button and using F9-F12, Print Screen, Scroll Lock (what is this used for!?) and Pause Break for all my media needs and I’ve been fine. I miss the wheel, a bit. I’ve been going back and forth, do I keep this? Do I swap it out for the G810, which basically, would fulfill all my needs? (The G810 is bascially this keyboard with dediacated media keys, a volume slider and a num-pad).  I keep going back to the fact that the tenkeyless design just feels right positioned on my desk for my hands. 

Let’s take a break from Logitech for a moment; I said I received had some Corsair gaming keyboards as well.

My first experience with the Cherry MX switches came about 5 days after I started to get used to the G Pro, due to shipping.

corsair k70 gaming keyboard

K70 Red…not the RGB one

The Cherry MX Brown keyboard almost immediately went back into the box. I thought it was a nice feeling switch, but if I wasn’t going to have that (satisfying) click of the Blue switches, I’d prefer the Logitech G Pro.  There’s also one more reason why it went back in the box. I sort of HATE the K70 keyboard.

I don’t know what Corsair is thinking; but this grippy/textured space bar is one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced. After a couple of days of typing, I started to get used to it a bit, but I it actually brought physical pain to my thumb, almost as if a blister was starting to form. If I kept this keyboard, I would 100%, need to replace the spacebar.

I originally had some issues with the wrist-rest, but overall I think it’s okay for being plastic. I seem to get a bit sweaty from using it, but that’s probably unavoidable (it’s also a bit warm in my room). It originally felt like my hands were slipping off it a bit, but I think i figured out the correct positioning for my hands.

I like the media keys of the K70 and feel right at home with the numpad, but the tenkeyless design is still in the back of my head.

The Cherry MX Blue switches intrigued me because I really wanted to try out a mechanical switch that was said to be great for typing. I think I like typing on this Cherry MX Blue switch. There is something extremely satisfying about the click and the sounds of the keyboard. But I don’t think I would enjoy this for games. So I would probably need to keep both this AND the G Pro. I’m not doing that, at least for now. 

Honestly, I think I’m overthinking it. For now, I’m going to go with the Logitech.

Yup, that seem like the right thing to do. The G Pro isn’t as satisfying to type on, in the sense that there is no click, which for some reason I really enjoy. But I feel faster on this G Pro gaming keyboard.

What keyboard do you use? Have you tried a mechanical gaming keyboard? Let me know in the comments!

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Logitech G Pro

Corsair K70 LUX – Cherry MX Blue

Corsair K70 LUX (RGB Version) – Cherry MX Brown