Netflix cancelled its Live-Action Cowboy Bebop series. In this review, I’m here to tell you that the writers think you’re stupid.

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The Netflix Cowboy Bebop adaptation removes all the nuanced depth of the original anime. It goes out of its way to explain plot, comedy, and just about everything else, in this show. There is a reason why the original Cowboy Bebop anime is a legendary, classic; it successfully mixes a villain-of-the-week format with serious tones and comedic relief.

In an attempt to disregard the holier than thou mentality of one of my favorite shows, (let alone favorite anime) I admit that I was pleasantly surprised; at least for the first half or so, of the live-action series.

I enjoyed the show up until that point, for what it is, a B-movie level Sci-Fi series. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I felt, indifferent.

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Cowboy Bebop – Netflix (2021)

In Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop: Everything is simplified. Everything is a tie-in.

Not to mention that they don’t understand comedy. Did anyone think the escape pod bit with the Teddy Bomber was funny?

We’re in a time now where a sci-fi show about bounty hunters, or an epic fantasy story of swords and sorcery is mainstream. But what Netflix didn’t get — at least with Cowboy Bebop; is that it’s not enough to just be in this world.

We are drawn to these types of fiction because of the characters, themes, and storytelling. Not for dick jokes and comically evil villains. 

Watch my video The Netflix COWBOY BEBOP Thinks You’re STUPID. That’s WHY It Was Cancelled for my review, thoughts and comparison to the original anime.

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