Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 7! I recap, talk theories, impressions and review ep 7 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

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Please note — there are SPOILERS for Campaign 3 Episode 7 in the video and this post.

Well, Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 7 changes everything!

We start episode 7 right where Episode 6 left off; with the (still nameless) group watching a show in the Dreamcaspe Theater. It ends early due to a performer mishap, and the group takes advantage (along with Laudna’s thaumaturgy FIRE) by going backstage to investigate the disappearances mentioned by Lord Eshteross.

After meeting with different NPCs; Stuvan, Tefta, and Ocampo – to both learn about the people who disappeared and to investigate the theater, the party eventually battles an…alley wall?

After nearly escaping death, the party manages to defeat the Roper/Spitting Mimic, or whatever the tendrilled monster was, Matt Mercer finally calls Travis Willingham back to the table!

Travis Willingham is Back with his new Critical Role Campaign 3 character, the Gnome Rogue – Chetney Poc-O-Pea (Not Chutney)

Official art of Chetney Poc-O-Pea, by Hannah Friederichs.

Chetney Poc-O-Pea is a small (maybe an inch taller than Orym, who is 3’3″), old gnome looking around the age 120. He wears a beanie, a leather chest harness, carries woodworking tools and wears pointy-toed boots.

critical role campaign 3 episode 7 chetney chutney gnome rogue travis willingham new character
Travis Willingham & Chetney, everyone.

According to Matt Mercer on Twitter, Chetney is a “legit spin” on the one-shot Christmas Elf character Chutney Chocolatecane, also played by Travis Willingham.

We don’t get much else of Chetney after the group meets him, as the party decided to head back to the Trial by Fire to rest, and that’s where episode 7 ends.

I’m beyond excited that Travis Willingham is back at the Campaign 3 table. I can’t believe we have another old man comic relief character!

What did you think of Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 7 & Chetney Poc-O-Pea?