Orktober is real!

The phrase being dropped by many Warhammer fans about the (hopeful) incoming of the new Ork Codex and models seems all but confirmed by Warhammer-Community.com.

After a leak earlier today, of some blurry images of a box set called “Speed Freeks” that looks to be an Ork buggy racing game (I’ve heard the name “Gorkamorka” being thrown around, but that’s before my time, I’m new to Warhammer, after all), the rumors started flying.

Warhammer-community dropped the confirmation of new Ork Models with plans of more information this weekend during Warhammer Fest.

Let the hype train start. As someone who is just starting to get into miniature building and painting (blog soon), Kill Team, Age of Sigmar and 40k in general, this pumped me up. I’m usually a “good guy”/”knights with sword” type player in video games and board games, but something about Orks has grabbed me. I am definitely going to have an Ork or Orruk army in my collection at some point in the near future.

What do you think of all this Orky-goodness? Are you interested in Speed Freeks? New Ork models?

I’m looking forward to both, but more-so for Speed-Freeks. I’m still a converted board gamer testing out the Warhammer universe, so a boxed game sounds right up my ally; as I’m still working on building and painting my Kill Teams (1 model done so far…).

There seems to be a lot going on with Games Workshop right now, from the (almost stealthy) release of Space Marine Adventures, this week’s annoucnement of he new 40k Starter Set Tooth and Claw containing new Space Wolves and Genestealer models and the new Space Wolves Codex. 40k fans seem to have a lot going for them right now (and a lot of money to spend).

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image source – https://www.warhammer-community.com