Netflix Original Film – Windfall Review

Windfall is a Netflix original film — a thriller starring Jason Segel, Jesse Plemons, and Lily Collins. The poster reads “Every Kidnap is a Compromise” which pretty much sums up the film

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Jason Segel plays a nameless man who breaks into a billionaire’s empty vacation home; as he is leaving, he decides to take one last look around the place, finds some hidden cash and a gun, and a nice surprise — the billionaire CEO (Plemons) and his wife (Collins). Thus, we have our plot, as both the man and our couple have all been caught.

What plays out in a sort of dark comedy fashion, takes a turn when the man, attempting to make a rather tranquil escape, gets caught on a security camera. Time to double back and demand more cash, as he will most certainly now be living a life on the run. The couple agrees to give him a large bag of cash, but there’s one catch, the CEO’s assistant will not arrive until the following evening.

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Caught. Source: Netflix, 2022

Windfall is pretty much solely dialogue-driven from here; luckily the performances are solid. I enjoyed Jason Segel in this type of role; I thought it would be hard to distance myself from his comedic performances (I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, small roles in Judd Apatow films, etc.), but I had no issues. Segel was great in this role.

Windfall is a slow burn of a film, but I must admit, my eyes were glued to the television the entire time. I laughed more times than I expected, as it had its fair share of dark comedy moments. Wrap this all together with strong acting performances and a couple of nice end twists, and we’re left with a solid watch.

Windfall gets a 4 out of 5.

Now, while I enjoyed Windfall, I could see some people viewing the film and saying it was boring and barely anything happened. While I don’t agree with that, if a Hitchcockian, dialogue-heavy, indie-vibe, sub-90 minute film sounds up you’re alley, definitely consider checking out Windfall.

What did you think of Windfall? Did you enjoy Jason Segel in this serious role? 

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