2018 was a good year for my hobbies.

I started a few new ones, embraced some old ones and neglected others.

Since this blog is based around the things that I enjoy doing/watching/learning, etc. I think it’s time to formally create a list. Obviously, this isn’t all the hobbies that I’m into, but I would say they are what take up most of my thoughts and time.

Below you will find a quick overview of my hobbies from 2018. I plan on writing a separate post going into much more detail. I will update with links as I post them.

Action Figures:

This all started with my friend’s Toy Line – Knights of the Slice of Toy Pizza (Toy Pizza Store). I wanted to support my friend and also just thought that the 1000toys X KOTS Lime looked awesome, like some sort of Pizza Power Ranger. The price was a bit steep (I’ve learned that many are), but I ordered it. This was back in March and pushed me into the whole world of collecting cool-ass toys (proof).

Blog post is up here!


This all started after I grabbed a couple of SH Figuarts DBZ figures. Broly was a grail figure that I never thought I would own (due to the price). I came across this Figure-Rise Standard model kit and bought it. Funny enough, I have yet to build it (soon), but have since amassed a Gunpla backlog of 3 shelves.

Miniature Painting:

YouTube videos back in 2016 (Thank you Uncle Atom) led me to buying and building some Frostgrave miniatures. I purchased a Reaper Bones Learn to Paint kit, but I was too scared to do it until 2018. I didn’t think I could paint and I think I did a decent job .

Board Games:

Once I found our modern board games were a thing a few years back…I built up an insane collection of games. I finally started to make a point of playing them last year.


I bought a couple of cameras and have upped my instagram game a little bit. I still have a lot more shooting to do; I’ve really just messed around. But I’m really excited to get better at taking photographs.

Video Games:

I don’t have as much time to spend on video games these days, so my time is very precious. I did attempt to finally start my YouTube channel by playing God of War
but it wasn’t great content for the amount of time it took, so I didn’t continue. I did play some fantastic games last year, though.

How was your hobby time in 2018? Did you make time to do the things you enjoy? Have you started any new ones this year? Comment and let me know!