Does anyone else get obsessed when they find a new hobby?

When I find something new that interests me, I go all in. This is especially true for me with physical items; things I can horde collect. It’s an addiction.

That being said, I was never super into action figures as a child.

Sure I had a few cool figures; some terminator 2, a few power ranger, nothing else I can really remember.

I do remember my Final Fantasy VIII action figures.

A middle school-er and Final Fantasy fan, I remember asking for Final Fantasy VIII action figures for Christmas. My mom would up getting me my top choices: Squall, Seifer and Zell.

I wasn’t really into toys or action figures at this time, being 12. But I thought these were so cool that I NEEDED them. For years they stayed packaged up, push-pinned to my wall. Until one year (I believe I was in college), I decided that I wasn’t really enjoying them this way and that they would look better on my dresser, posed. This was my first taste for owning cool toys.

Fast forward to 2018 and my action figure collection has grown to be pretty impressive.

I spoke about it in my introduction post to this series – 2018 Hobby Round-Up. This all started because of my friend, Nicky of Toy Pizza.

I wanted to support my friend and grab a figure. I saw that they had a special edition cross over of some of their “knights” with 1000toys; a highly articulated, decent sized action figure. They were quite expensive, but I figured it would be okay to have one in my collection. I chose green, because green is awesome.

After telling my friend about my purchase we talked a little bit about figures and one way or another we got to the topic of Dragon Ball Z action figures; particularly the S.H. Figuarts line.

Fast forward and I decided to make the plunge to grab a Yamcha and Tien along with the newly released Kid Goku.

I could not believe how amazing these toys looked and posed! From this point I decided to start doing some research. What else is out there?

I grabbed a few figures from my favorite shows and movies (they really have just about anything you can think of out there).

After buying a few randoms, I narrowed it down to what I want to collect.

1) S.H. Figuarts Dragonball (Original, DBZ and Super).

What can I say? These action figures are amazing. I’ve always loved Dragonball and these completely capture the look and feel of the anime. I want them all.

sh figuarts dbz
It’s getting hard to fit everyone in the picture.

2) 1000toys

It started with Knights of the Slice, but I couldn’t stop there. The articulation and quality is just so awesome, and I mean, just look at these awesome designs. The crossovers are really top notch.

1000 toys glyos
The Articulation is AMAZING!

3) Nemo’s Factory AV Robot (Glyos)

I found out about these a few months ago and grabbed wave 5. I was about to grab a few other waves off eBay and missed a couple of really cool ones by a few minutes (damn you phone being on silent).

av robot
Robots are cool. Please tell me if you have any I am missing!

I really like my Toy Pizza glyos figures a lot, but I think it’s starting to become difficult to justify keeping everything. One problem with collecting is that you run out of room very quickly. I now have to store most of my toys in boxes and cases. I’m going to have to rotate what is on display. I may have to part with some, which is always difficult to do.

These toys are definitely not cheap. What’s nice is they are usually limited runs so most seem to all go up in price (some significantly).

Do you collection action figures? What lines do you like? Let me now in the comments!

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