Let’s compile some 28mm fantasy miniatures for Joseph A. McCullough’s & Osprey’s Frostgrave, & Rangers of Shadowdeep, Dungeons & Dragons, or any Fantasy tabletop game!

I’ve put together a living list of miniatures for Stargrave and really any Sci-Fi game, and it’s about time I do the same for fantasy miniatures and Frostgrave!

*This is a living list, meaning I will be updating it as I have more time and find more minis! Leave me a comment if there are some minis I should check out!

Northumbrian Tin Soldier

If you’re new to Frostgrave or Rangers of Shadow Deep, you can start with North Star Military Figures official line of plastic & metal miniatures for Frostgrave or Rangers of Shadow Deep.

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North Star Military Figures

Frostgrave is in it’s second edition and has been well supported by North Star Military Figures. They have plastic kits for everything from Wizards to Barbarians to Gnolls. In addition to plastic, customizable kits, northstar also has a line of metal characters.

North Star Military Figures is a UK based company, if you’re in the US, there are a few different stores that carry their products. I’ve had good experiences with Brigade Games & Badger Games.

frostgrave rangers of shadow deep plastic kit mini miniatures
Frostgrave Soldiers plastic kit.
frostgrave wizard mage metal mini miniatures
Soothsayer & Apprentice metal minis.

Black Chapel Miniatures

Black Chapel Miniatures has a small range, but they’re all pretty cool. Altreich (think GW Freeguild), Dwarfs, Norse Barbarians, and Elves.

frostgrave dwarf dwarves barbarian norse elves elf human gw freeguild cities of sigmar
Great looking fantasy minis.

Casting Room Miniatures

Many different types of 28mm metal miniatures from Fantasy to Historic, to Sci-Fi.

Their Adventurers, Dark Age Warriors, Medievals, and Rangers lines look perfect for Frostgrave or Rangers of Shadow Deep. But many of their historic lines could work as well.

frostgrave rangers of shadow deep metal miniatures crossbow bow ranged
Lots of crossbow options.

Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures are beautiful, but expensive. I have some of their Critter Kingdom minis for Burrows & Badgers and they’re great. Would love to own more, but you’ll have to pick and choose as each metal mini is around $9.99. They do have a handy Miniature Finder on their site, that allows you to easily search for what you’re looking for, which is pretty handy.

frostgrave painted minis miniatures rangers of shadow deep
Rogue warrior, Necromance, and an Apprentice.

Footsore Miniatures

Footsore Miniatures has a lot of options to choose from with metal miniatures: Character figures, Skirmish bundles, Knights, Archers, Vikings, Monks, Irish, & more!

Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast has quite a lot to choose from. They have Plastic Kits as well as metal mini bundles or single hero units.


Miniatures for the SAGA skirmish game. Historical, Mythological, Fantasy, and more. They have some undead ranges as well!


Sword point is their big battle ruleset. They have some plastic kits for sale in historics.

frostgrave soldiers shield axe sword viking minis
Plastic Viking Hirdmen.

Games Workshop

We all know about GW. There are a lot of plastic kits and units to choose from. Age of Sigmar is their fantasy line, if you don’t know much about them. GW is heroic scale, so keep that in mind. Certain models may tower over your 28mm historic minis.

Cities of Sigmar

Grand Alliance Order – Cities of Sigmar seem like the best fit for me. I’m privy to the Freeguild humans, but there are Dwarves, and Elves if that’s your preference. Remember that these are plastic kits with lots of options for customization.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier

Whimsical, bizarre, fairy tale and fable inspired, “Old School” miniatures. I suggest looking through their All The Minis section, as many of the different lines work well together. Northumbrian Tin Soldier has everything: Goblins, Dwarves, Cat-folk, anthropomorphic animals, and more! They sell single minis, small sets and big bundles. I can’t recommend them enough, their miniatures are amazing; I own quite a few.

The City State Of Crumptown

“Odd and eccentric good citizens, guilds, and more unusual characters.” Very uniquely-styled humans.

The Denizens Of The Darkewood

Here are your goblins, anthropomorphic adventurers, gnomes, and Crow warriors. Would work great for Burrows & Badgers!

The Nightfolk

Dark fantasy knights, goblins, sub-humans, townsfolk, and more!

Otherworld Miniatures | USA Store (Badger Games)

28mm fantasy gaming minis inspired by the early role-playing games. They have single minis and box sets of pewter miniatures. They are a bit on the expensive side with a box of 12 minis coming in at £55/$77. That being said, they have a voucher system, that essentially, lets you buy gift cards for extra funds. They have a wide range of D&D classes, monsters, mercenaries, and more. The sculpts looks amazing. I will be picking a few minis up, for sure!

Dungeon Adventurers Boxed Set | USA Store

There are 4 boxed sets available.

Perry Miniatures

Perry Miniatures produces 28mm plastic and metal, historic miniatures sculpted by former Foundry and Game Workshop sculptors, Alan & Michael Perry.

Plastic Box Sets

For Frostgrave, I find 4 of their plastic box sets to work best:

Agincourt French Infantry

minis for frostgrave historic perry sprues
Agincourt French Infantry

36 infantry, and 6 Knights/men at arms. Spears, crossbows, double handed axes, and hand weapons

English Army

perry plastic mini frostgrave frost grave fantasy sprues
English Army

36 miniatures in total – 2 sprues of armored, Men at Arms, and 4 sprues of archers.

Foot Knights

frostgrave knight miniatures perry plastic
Foot Knights

38 miniatures in total for the Foot Kniights box.

War of the Roses Infantry

War of the Roses Infantry

40 Miniatures: 30 Bowman, up to 18 billmen. 4 armored command.

That’s all I have time to post about for now. I have a pretty long list, so make sure you bookmark this post!

Leave me a comment if there are some fantasy or historical miniatures I am missing from this list, that I should check out!