Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3! I recap, react and review ep 3 of Critical Role Campaign 3.

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Please note — there are SPOILERS to the Campaign 3 Episode 3 in the video and this post.

Critical Role C3R3 Episode 3 Video

I found Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 to be good, not great. A few sequences go on for a bit too long and border on boring. But Episode 3, was an extremely important episode, as it feels like we have passed the introduction of our characters and setting. The campaign truly begins with Episode 3’s events.

The episode continues with the investigation at Prudaj Textiles and Danas. The party eventually runs into a battle while tailing Danas, and learns some interesting information to relay back to Lord Eshteross. If you’re looking for a full recap, reaction, and review, make sure to watch my video. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

critical role campaign 3 episode 3 recap reaction review fresh cut grass fcg mini miniature
Fresh Cut Grass Miniature!

Watch my Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 C3R3 Recap Reaction & Review video here!

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