Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 Review

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 “The Trail and the Toll” was a very significant episode of Campaign 3.

In my C3R3 Video – Recap Reaction & (Immediate) Review, I mention that I found this episode to be good, not great. While some of the scenarios presented to the party maybe outstayed their welcome a bit, the overall payoff was top-notch.

Please note — there are SPOILERS to the episode in the video and this post.

Campaign 3 Episode 3 C3R3 – Recap, Reaction & Immediate Review Video.

As I mentioned earlier, Episode 3 is a very important episode for Campaign 3. I had the issue of some of the scenes in Episode 2, to go on for a bit too long and border on becoming boring, and I continue that sentiment here. The Prudaj Textiles scene continued to drag on for me. I understand that it was necessary, but what can I say? My mind started to wonder.

From there, we have quite the episode. The group Tracks down Danas fights an evil Dwarf and his “children”.

critical role campaign 3 episode 3 review reaction recap ep3 bertrand bell death last words lieve'tel
The Fresh Cut Grass miniature is awesome!

Even though Danas couldn’t be saved, there was a lot for this party to celebrate, and they did! After meeting Lord Eshteross for an update, cake, and a contract signing (scheduled for the following morning), drinks are on Bertrand Bell, who stays up to see the sunrise.

Bertrand Bell seems as if he is happy for the first time, in a long time. He stays up to drink with the group (when he’s normally sleeping at 7 PM), and mentions how happy he is to have met them. His life now has a purpose, and maybe even some friends.

If you didn’t catch or understand Bertrand Bell’s last words, they were “Lieve’tel” — an elven woman from The Search For Grog and The Search For Bob one-shots that Bertrand Bell originated from.

Bertrand meets his unfortunate death while relieving himself in an alley. Bertrand’s final words — “Lieve’tel”.

Retrospective & Thoughts on Bertrand Bell

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 Review Positives:

  • Bertrand Bell’s comedy – I honestly didn’t realize how funny Travis Willingham is. I’ve barely watched Campaign 1 content, so I don’t know much about Grog, but boy has Bertrand Bell been a treat. Whether he’s at the end of being tripped by Dorian, or just communicating with Imogen with his mind, Bertrand’s comedic genius shines in Episode 3.
  • The Plot – I really like where everything is going. I was already invested in Lord Eshteross, but with Bertrand’s death, I’m really excited to see how this all plays out. I would have loved having Bertrand Bell around for a few more episodes
  • The Evil Dwarf & his “Children” – This pale Dwarf was already a threat but now he’s instantly “big bad” status, at least for the early Campaign.
  • Imogen’s Dream – Imogen was having a nightmare about a red storm, when she runs for safety in a house, she finds a figure of an older, refined man walking proudly into the tempest. This is the moment that Bertrand Bell dies. Does Imogen have visions of all people she has telepathically spoken with? I was already hooked on Imogen’s backstory, but this ups that even more.
sir bertrand bell death last words alley critical role campaign 3 episode 1 2 3 spoilers travis willingham dwarf rapier fanart art
Fan art of Bertrand in the alley, by Monica M. Magaña.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 Review Negatives:

  • Pacing – I know this is weird to complain about since this is D&D and not a scripted show, but I did find my attention wandering a bit during the Prudaj Textiles scene and for some of the battle with the Dwarf. I’m starting to think that it may be because there are currently 8 party members, and that’s just a lot to get through so everyone can shine. In most of my experience thus far with Campaign 2, Ashely has been away, so that’s only 6 party members. Seems to be much fast than 8.
  • Fearne’s Stupidity – Fearne has been a big surprise for me in the first two episodes. I love how insane and chaotic she is. There was one moment that stuck out — when Ashton and Orym were attempting to break the inn door down, Fearne walks up, knocks, and says “room service”. This was odd. There’s no way anyone would fall for that, as two other people are bashing and slashing the door down. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this, because for does have low intelligence (9), but it seemed a bit out of character.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 | The Trail and the Toll gets a 4/5.

I expected this to happen sooner or later; I changed my initial review score from my score in my C3R3 video. I had given Campaign 3 Episode 3 a 3/5, but upon spending a lot more time with Episode 3 while working on my The Legend of Sir Bertrand Bell video, I can’t deny how good and important it is, even if it had some sections that I thought were a bit slow.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 3 will be remembered, as we lost Bertrand Bell, so early. I feel as if it will become sort of a prelude to Campaign 3, proper; bringing this group close together with a true goal; revenge.

What did you think about Episode 3 and the death of Sir Bertrand Bell? When do you think we will meet Travis’ true Campaign 3 character?